Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear! Blu-ray Review: Ready for His Close-up

Yogi Bear, voiced by Daws Butler and based on Art Carney's Ed Norton from The Honeymooners, first appeared in his ...
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The Draughtsman’s Contract Blu-ray Review: An Oddly Fascinating Murder Mystery

There's always going to be a rift between the rich and the poor, where the poor sometimes gets a taste ...
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Squaring the Circle (The Story of Hipgnosis) Movie Review: Album Art Gods

Chances are, Hipgnosis—the working name of a pair of English lads, Storm Thorgerson & Audrey ‘Po’ Powell, who revolutionized the ...
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From the Couch Hole: And in the Day, Everything’s Complex

Previously on FTCH, the 100th episode was brought to you by Dr. Pepper Float, Cuban Sandwich, and Strawberry Lymonade. Mr. Blue ...
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