Shaw Brothers Classics Cube on display of the website

Epic Kung-Fu Collection Shaw Brothers Classics Vol. One Available June 13 from Shout! Factory

Jam-packed with epic kung-fu tales from the legendary Hong Kong studio, Shout! Factory is proud to announce Shaw Brothers Classics, ...
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Storm Warning on display of the website

Storm Warming Blu-ray Review: A Flawed but Hard-hitting Expose of Small Town Corruption

The 1950s may have seemed somewhat wholesome and Cleaveresque, but make no mistake, there were a lot of worms hidden ...
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It’s Quieter in the Twilight Movie Review: The Final Frontier

Space exploration is one of the most fascinating subjects we’ve been able to conduct in human history. It gives us ...
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A Night at the Family Dog / Go Ride the Music / West Pole DVD Review: Celebrating San Francisco’s Psychedelic Rock Scene

Mercury Studio repackages A Night at the Family Dog / Go Ride the Music / West Pole into a 2-DVD ...
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