White God is the Pick of the Week

As a certain Italian schlockumentary once reminded us many moons ago, it's a dog's world out there. And some distant ...
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Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau is the Pick of the Week

As an extreme film lover, I'm always torn between variety. Sometimes, there is too much to choose from, and it ...
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Cannibal Ferox Blu-ray Review: Umberto Lenzi’s Unforgiving Subgenre Swan Song

In 1970, with the entire world in a state of change, Elliot Silverstein's A Man Called Horse was released to ...
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Burying the Ex DVD Review: Joe Dante Tries to Bring His Sensibilities Back From the Dead

Written by Chris Morgan Joe Dante is an American treasure. He's made some tremendous films that are iconic pieces of ...
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