The Blue Planet: Seas of Life Blu-ray Review: A Spectacular View of Life at Sea

In 2001, the BBC took on the daunting task of doing a comprehensive documentary on one of the least-explored regions ...
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Prometheus (2012) Movie Review: ‘Pings, glitch, life form.’

Written by Mule This is the prequel that isn't for the Aliens-series that Ridley Scott began with Alien (1979). It ...
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Hyde Park on Hudson Is the Pick of the Week

Who would have thought that Dr. Peter Venkman could be so poignantly fragile as Herman Blume in Rushmore? Who in ...
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Lincoln (2012) Movie Review: Deserved the Best Picture Oscar

Written by Chris Morgan Steven Spielberg. Daniel Day-Lewis. Abraham Lincoln. It is no surprise that a movie combining this trio ...
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