Cops: Wildest Chases DVD Review: A Good Representation of the Series

Cops, the long-running documentary series, debuted March 11, 1989 on FOX where it ran for 25 seasons. It was an ...
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A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night Movie Review: Vampires of Iran

Written by Chris Morgan A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night billed itself as the “first Iranian vampire Western.” It ...
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Society (1989) Blu-ray Review: Nice Buildup to the Impressively Grotesque

Having never seen it, I read the synopsis for 1989's Society and thought, "Yeah, that could be interesting." Then I ...
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Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review: Everyone Who Enters Will Lose

In this latest incarnation of Mad Max, director and co-writer (along with Brendan McCarthy and Nick Lathouris) George Miller manages ...
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