Alien: Covenant Movie Review: Ridley Scott Returns to the Bloody Basics

More than 30 years after he terrified us with Alien, Ridley Scott returned to the franchise with Prometheus, a film ...
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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Is the Pick of the Week

When I was a boy, I was what they would nowadays call a gamer. It started with a little Texas ...
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Kiss of Death (1947) / Edge of Eternity (1959) Blu-rays Review: Homicidal Tendencies

Kiss of Death (1947)One of the most quintessential titles to ever emerge from the annals of film noir, Henry Hathaway's ...
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Ludwig (1973) Blu-ray Review: The Historical Epic Wherein Nothing Really Happens

I would only be slightly remiss were I to openly admit history was never my strongest subject in school. Truth ...
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