New Girl: The Complete Second Season DVD Review: Another Great Season

New Girl is one of the best shows on television today. To just refer to it as sitcom is to sell the show short of its sheer greatness. Part of what makes this show so great is its rewatchability in reruns and on DVD. It was a ton of fun to get to review this new 3-DVD set.

The complete second season has been released by 20th Century Fox and it gave me a chance to laugh all over again at the jokes I found so funny the first time. It also gave me a chance to catch the jokes I missed the first time. New Girl is full of smart, funny writing that is so jam packed with funny moments that it can be hard to catch them all in the first viewing. The show also does great with real, touching moments that so many of us have experienced or simply wanted to experience. The show may indeed be geared to a younger audience but can connect with and older one as well.

Season two of New Girl starts a few months after season one ends. Schmidt has healed from his broken manhood and is ready to reintroduce it and himself back into the dating world. Meanwhile, Jess loses her job as a teacher and tries to find a new identity as a shot girl. This is just the beginning of a season full of laughs, love, and sexual tension. I won’t go into more detail about what the season holds for those of you who may be catching up and watching for the first time.

The New Girl season 2, three-disc set features all 25 episodes from the season as well as the following special features: An extended version of “Virgins;” my favorite special feature, Full of Schmidt, a montage of the best Schmidt moments; a gag reel, deleted scenes, and an audio commentary on “Cooler” that was really enjoyable. There was good behind-the-scenes info given including how some scenes were shot and improvised. I don’t always enjoy commentary on DVDs but with New Girl this was not the case. I was actually happy to rewatch the episode with the commentary.

All three discs run a total of 546 minutes. This set is totally worth purchasing whether you are new to the show or looking to have a go-to show you already love. And with season three newly underway, this set will help you get caught up in order to still enjoy season 3.

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Darcy Staniforth

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