Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review: Everyone Who Enters Will Lose

In this latest incarnation of Mad Max, director and co-writer (along with Brendan McCarthy and Nick Lathouris) George Miller manages to take all the elements that made the first three films starring Mel Gibson as Max successful, and completely ignore them.

This is unacceptable and someone needs to let George know.

Dear George,

We were certainly happy to hear that you were bringing back Max. We love him. We love how smart and resourceful he is. We appreciate his humor and humanity. We enjoy rooting for him. So you can imagine how disappointed we were to take a trip down Fury Road and discover that the Max we have come to know and love was nowhere to be found.

George, buddy, we like the fast cars in the apocalyptic world you created, but give us some credit. We do want more than that. Where are the characters, George? Where are the relationships, George? Did you honestly think we would be satisfied with just the vehicles and explosions? After those first three movies, now you’re just going to give us brain candy. Really, George?

Listen, I’m not saying that the character of Furiosa as played by Charlize Theron was not intriguing; I’m just asking that you allow her to slow down long enough for us to get to know her. Have the characters stop for a night. Let them sit around a fire and chat. Have Furiosa talk to Max for a little while. You remember Max, right? He’s the character played by Tom Hardy. I thought maybe you had forgotten about him since you didn’t really show his face or give him any lines until thirty minutes into the film. Heck, maybe even dedicate a little time to developing the character of your Skeletor Joe antagonist. You gave us time to get to know the characters in the first three films, and we loved it.

I understand that you’re trying to keep it simple, George, but if you’re going to take the Max we love out of the film, than leave his name out of the title. Otherwise, it seems like false advertising.

Ya see, George, we like the cars much more if you actually give us a reason to care about the people driving them. You gave us three movies that we loved. We cared about the characters, and yes, we cared about you. Now, not so much.

Recommendation: Fury Road is extremely fast paced and full of action but, unlike Beyond Thunderdome, everyone who enters here will lose. Especially those satisfied with shallow helpings of brain candy the theaters serve us.

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