Good Burger 2 Blu-ray Review: Still Serving Up the Laughs

It has been two and a half decades since Good Burger hit the screens to tell the story of Dex (Keenan Thompson) and Ed (Kel Mitchell). Previously, we were privy to their struggles to hold on to Good Burger instead of being sucked up by a huge chain called Mondo Burger run by Kurt Bozwell (Jan Schweiterman).

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Today, Ed is still running the counter at Good Burger, but he is now also the owner. Ed has married and has several children, including Ed 2 and a bunch of other kids all named after condiments. Dex has been trying his hand at entrepreneurship. Most recently, he attempted to sell a fire-proof spray to the likes of Mark Cuban; instead, he burned his house down. This leads to Dex needing a place to stay, and Ed, his best friend, is happy to accommodate. Ed even gets Dex rehired at Good Burger while he plans his next steps.

Unknown to the employees at Good Burger, Katt Bozwell (Jillian Bell), the evil Kurt’s younger sister, has set in motion a plan to take over Good Burger, fire all employees, and open a worldwide network of Good Burger clones where all the workers are robots who look and talk like Ed. The plan works and Dex, Ed, and the rest of the Good Burger staff have to find a way to stop Katt Bozwell.

The movie has a wonderful set of characters filling the Good Burger kitchen. Emily and Elizabeth Hinkler play twins Cindy and Mindy with great comedic timing. There are several good laughs while Anabel Graetz plays the oldest delivery driver in the world, Ruth. And Fabrizio Guido is hilarious as Mr. Jensen, the teenaged manager. There are many cameos from stars mostly associated with Saturday Night Live. Most of the cameos are either too long or too short. It can be frustrating to see one of your favorite comedians for literally three to five seconds.

While Good Burger 2 isn’t as funny as Good Burger, it still has plenty of heart and tons of laughs. Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell have undeniable chemistry, and the rest of the cast do an outstanding job in supporting roles.

Special Features:

  • Home of the Good Bloopers (Extended Version)
  • The Comfort Food Classic – the cast discuss the first movie
  • Behind the Scenes with Kenan and Kel – interviews
  • Meat the Employees – short interviews with the entire cast
  • Q&A with the New Crew – short interviews with the new cast
  • Employee Training Video – mock training video
  • Good Burger 1 Movie Recap

A note about the special features: Almost all the special features, except the last two, appear to be interstitials created for the NIckelodeon channel to air between shows. They all follow the same pattern: interview a couple cast members while playing the same bloopers over and over again. Skip the first special feature, the bloopers, to enjoy the rest.

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