Friday Program Highlights for San Diego Comic Con 2018

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Here are a few panels where you might find three Sentries who will be attending.

Todd Karella: As I’ve learned over the years you need to have a plan and figure out what panels you want to see ahead of time. And once you have a plan carefully thought out you need to have backup plans because chances are with all the crowds and waiting in lines you are only going to be able to attend a fraction of the panels that you wanted to. I am more of a Television and movie fan and usually shoot for those panels first. However, more times than not I find myself in a completely different unrelated panel that I end up enjoying just as much. So here is a list of some of the panels I’ll be looking to get into.

Young Justice: Outsiders Special Video Presentation and Q&A Room (10:00am) (6DE)

The Young Justice animated series was done very well and I’m hoping this will be done just as well.

AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead (11:15am) (Hall H)

Just when I thought the show had finally hit its stride, they ended up killing off almost all the original cast. So, I’m trying to get some indication whether it will be worth continuing for next season.

AMC’s The Walking Dead (12:15pm) (Hall H)

Yes, I am one of the few still watching. But since Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan are both reported to be leaving, it may be the last chance to see either of them at one of these panels.

Star Trek: Discovery (1:30pm) (Hall H)

While the television show is not a very good Star Trek show as it completely made up its own rules and rewrote history, I still found it interesting as a science fiction show.

Final Space: Q & A with the Cast and Creators of the TBS Animated Series (3:30pm) (Indigo Ballroom)

I was surprised to find myself enjoying this show as much as I did.

Archer: Discussion and Q & A (5:15pm) (Indigo Ballroom)

Not too many seasons left for this animated series. It always seems to be on the bubble. Never seen the entire cast so it may be my last opportunity to do so.

Marvel Television: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger (5:45pm) (Ballroom 20)

I was fortunate enough to win one of the signings for this show at Wondercon. I knew nothing about the cast or show as it had not premiered at that time. Now that some of the episodes have aired, I’ve like what I’ve seen. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the show and cast.

Worst Cartoons Ever! Hosted by Jerry Beck Room (8:15pm) (6BCF)

A friend turned me on to this panel. Lots of silly and odd cartoons I’ve never seen before. Tried to get this started as a group tradition for a bunch of my friends to gather at, but being that it’s at the end of the day, everyone is tired or hungry and it’s hit or miss whether or not we attend.

Spike & Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation Room (9:30pm) (6BCF)

Following right after Worst Cartoons Ever!, if you are already in the room you might as well stay and watch. But these presentations can be really demented and definitely not family friendly.

Shawn Bourdo:

The Black Panel (10:00am) (Room5AB)

You know that I’m a creature of habit. I literally stumbled into this panel years ago when they were blasting Public Enemy at 10am on a Friday morning. I’ve continued to enjoy to total randomness of this panel. There is a description of the panel but that’s only there as a placeholder. I assume we will pick up from last year’s discussion of police brutality, #metoo and all things anti-Trump.

Forever Fantagraphics (11:30am) (Room24ABC)

I’ve spent most of this year slowly making my way through the history of Fantagraphics book from last year. I’m interested to put some faces to the names in the book of one of my favorite publishers. Gary Groth and the Hernandez Bros have made so many contributions to my love of independent comics since the 1980s. This is one of those “love letter” panels that rarely disappoint while people reminisce.

Universal Pictures’ Glass and Halloween (3:45pm) (Hall H)

I have no interest in the M. Night Glass film. Not even in the least. But, in a rare bit of enthusiasm for a remake, I have faith in the relaunch of Halloween. Knowing that it’s likely to see Jaime Lee Curtis makes this a panel that I’d really love to attend.

Gordon S. Miller:

Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! (1:00pm) (6A)

I’ve actually not seen the show before. Not sure why, just never showed up on my radar, but I’ve always thought the character design looked interesting, Since a movie is coming out, I can get a sense of what I’ve been missing.

[adult swim] The Venture Bros (1:30pm) (Indigo Ballroom)

If I wasn’t checking out Zim, I would be all in on this preview of Season Seven of one of my favorite shows. Other than the trailer, they rarely provide information about what’s coming up, but they are awfully entertaining fellas.

It Was 50 Years Ago Today: Celebrating Planet of the Apes, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Rosemary’s Baby: Geeks Ground Zero (4:30pm) (5AB)

I am much more a fan of the panels that celebrate old work than the panels promoting new material, so I am very curious for this look at 1968. I might step out to the bathroom during talk about Rosemary’s Baby because that film didn’t work for me.

Encore Screening: The Death of Superman (9:30pm) (Room 20)

I’ve been a big fan of some DC Animated movies, but too many have been bad, with last year’s juvenile Batman & Harley so embarissingly awful, it was hands down the worst of the line. I am trusting the material will help turn things around. Am skipping hearing from the cast and creators during the first screening.

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