Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic: Doc’s on the Go! DVD Review:  A Doc Worth Visiting

Written by Derek Stucker

Do you suffer from headaches, nausea, or depression brought on by watching atrocious children’s programming with your young child? The only cure is to pay a visit to Doc McStuffins.

On the show, Doc McStuffins is a six-year-old African American girl who wants to be a doctor just like her mother, so she sets up a medical practice to treat the injuries, maladies and “boo-boos” of her toys. The episodes are full of fun characters, enjoyable songs and, though the show is not really “educational” per se, it does offer up good messages about healthy things to do and aims to dispel fears of visiting the doctor.

In the newly released DVD, Doc McStuffins Mobile Clinic: Doc’s On The Go!, most of the stories revolve around Doc’s wagon she’s tricked-out with all the gear she needs to fix toys when she’s away from her home office. Older viewers will be reminded of back when real-life doctors used to make house calls, while cynical viewers will see these episodes as a commercial for a toy that’s as pink as any princess item you’d find in a Disney Store. Fortunately, the DVD comes with a small tote bag to presumably act as a free mini Mobile Clinic, if your preschooler is excited about treating his or her own toys on the go.

Doc McStuffins is not only stuffed full of positive messages, but is one of the most enjoyable shows for preschoolers currently on television and the Doc’s On The Go! DVD provides great examples of why. As a parent, it’s your prescription for entertaining TV you can watch with your child and not feel ill while viewing.

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