Adventure Time: Jake the Dad DVD Review: The Fun Hasn’t Ended

Coming in at just over three hours, the 16 episodes on Adventure Time: Jake the Dad, the fifth DVD volume not counting Complete Seasons, comes in at just over three hours and presents a random collection of episodes from the fourth season (six) and fifth season (10). The DVD also contains the special feature “Little Did You Know”, a text gallery that provides info about Jake and Lady Rainicorn’s five puppies, and a Collectible Jake Hat is part of the package. Some of the guest voices from these episodes include Kristen Schaal, Miguel Ferrer, Andy Milonakis, Jonathan Katz, and Brian Doyle-Murray.

Created by Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time is an animated fantasy filled with great imagination and humor that airs on the Cartoon Network. Set in the Land of Ooo more than thousand years in the future after the Great Mushroom War, the series presents the audacious adventures of a 13-year-old human boy named Finn (Jeremy Shada) and his best friend Jake (John DiMaggio), a dog with the ability to shapeshift. Among their pals are Princess Bubblegum (Hynden Walch), who is made out of bubblegum; Marceline the Vampire Queen (Olivia Olson); and their roommate BMO (Niki Yang), the living game console.

The titular episode, “Jake the Dad,” introduces Finn and viewers to new puppies, Charlie, Jake Jr., T.V., Viola, and Kim Kil Whan. Jake has to deal with his overbearing overprotectiveness as a new dad. This is rather an adult idea for a kid’s cartoon and one of the reasons grown-ups can appreciate the show. Other touching episodes include “I Remember You,” which reveals backstory about the Ice King and his relationship with Marceliene, further elaborated on in “Simon & Marcy,” which was nominated for an Primetime Emmy Award for Short-format Animation. Though he comes off as a bit of a selfish jerk at times, the more revealed about whom Simon was before the Ice King’s magic crown warped his mind, the more sympathetic the character becomes.

Other standout episodes include “Burning Low” and “Vault of Bones,” which deal with Finn’s growing relationship with the Flame Princess. The latter story is filled with funny ways she attacks her adversaries while on an adventure with Finn. “Sons of Mars” sees the return of Abraham Lincoln, who appeared in the pilot episode as the Red Planet’s king. “BMO Noire” turns to black and white as BMO puts on her detective hat to search for Finn’s missing sock. “Five More Short Graybles” is funny as five vignettes are shown with a theme you have to guess.

Though I am a Complete Season buyer, anyone collecting the smaller DVD volumes, should definitely pick up Adventure Time: Jake the Dad. The show continues to impress with its creativity in these 16 episodes, and you get a hat.

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