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Star Trek: Renegades Premieres Aug 1 at the Crest Theatre in Westwood, CA

"An exhilarating new adventure that boldly goes where no Star Trek has gone before."
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Southern California Trek fans, and those beyond willing to travel, have the opportunity to see the world premiere of the new pilot / feature film Star Trek: Renegades, which features the Federation's Section 31, led by Commander Tuvok, Voyager’s former security officer, putting together a new covert, renegade crew when space and time becomes folded around planets that are the main suppliers of dilithium crystals. Press release: Star Trek: Renegades World PremiereSaturday, August 1, 2015 The Crest Theater: 1262 Westwood Blvd; Los Angeles, CA 90024Red Carpet at 7 p.m. Premiere at 8 p.m.There will be a special fan screening at

White God is the Pick of the Week

Every dog has his day… (And cult movie collectors will have theirs this week!)
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As a certain Italian schlockumentary once reminded us many moons ago, it's a dog's world out there. And some distant cousins of the Italians - the Hungarians - have seen fit to impress that old adage upon us once more, with their multiple award-winning 2014 hit Fehér isten, better known in the English-speaking parts of the world as White God. Here, writer/director Kornél Mundruczó paints his audiences an ugly reminder that - despite our alleged progress when it comes to being humane towards everyone, animal or human alike - we're still just a bunch of stinkin' savages. Ignoring another timeless

WE tv's Law & Order Birthday Bash Kicks off with 25th Anniversary Binge-A-Thon

The two-night marathon with fan-favorite episodes airs on July 28 and 29.
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The Law & Order franchise is currently ubiquitous on the television landscape with its various programs airing on various broadcast and cable channels, including Sundance, TNT, USA, WGN. September 13 marks Law & Order's 25th anniversary and WE tv is planning an early celebration. Read on to learn more. Press release: WE tv is getting a jump start on the milestone 25th anniversary of Law & Order, the popular criminal procedural that paved the way for the drama genre with a month-long celebration in August. The festivities begin with a two-night marathon on Tuesday, July 28 and Wednesday, July 29,

Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau is the Pick of the Week

A few intriguing new releases for the fan of variety.
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As an extreme film lover, I'm always torn between variety. Sometimes, there is too much to choose from, and it also depends upon the price. There isn't any doubt that I do like to have choices, it's that I like to choose from films that I would find interesting. When I'm not taking online classes, or doing horrible yard work, I only have a limited time to watch the newest releases. This week, there isn't a lot of choices, but these are some releases I found to be quite interesting and worth checking out. Yes, some of them sound strange,

Turner Classic Movies Popular Summer Under the Stars Programming Event Returns in August

A 24-hour salute each day of the month including tributes to first-timers Ann-Margret and Alan Arkin as well as returning legends Fred Astaire and Katharine Hepburn.
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Press release: Turner Classic Movies' (TCM) ultimate movie star showcase, Summer Under the Stars, returns August 1 for its 13th year as TCM pays tribute to 31 different stars in 31 days. This year’s Summer Under the Stars will feature a premiere interview, filmed at the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival, with iconic actress Ann-Margret and TCM host Ben Mankiewicz on Aug. 13, as well as a salute to Ingrid Bergman for her 100th birthday including a showing of Casablanca (1942). This year, 15 stars will receive their first Summer Under the Stars salutes, including Oscar winners: Alan Arkin (Aug.

James Bond Meets the Author of All His Pain in the New SPECTRE Trailer

Bond infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the existence of the sinister organisation known as SPECTRE.
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The official synopsis: A cryptic message from the past sends James Bond on a rogue mission to Mexico City and eventually Rome, where he meets Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci), the beautiful and forbidden widow of an infamous criminal. Bond infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the existence of the sinister organisation known as SPECTRE.Meanwhile back in London, Max Denbigh (Andrew Scott), the new head of the Centre for National Security, questions Bond’s actions and challenges the relevance of MI6, led by M (Ralph Fiennes). Bond covertly enlists Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) and Q (Ben Whishaw) to help him seek out Madeleine

TCM to Remember Legendary Actor Omar Sharif on Sep. 21

The tribute to include Doctor Zhivago and Funny Girl.
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Omar Sharif (born Michel Demitri Chalhoub) died from a heart attack in a Cairo hospital on July 10. He was an Egyptian actor who became an international sensation when he garnerd a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his first English-language role as Sharif Ali in David Lean's historical epic Lawrence of Arabia (1962). In addition to his long career as actor, which began with Devil of the Sahara (1954) and concluded with voice work in 1001 Inventions and the World of Ibn Al-Haytham (2015), Sharif was also a world-class contract bridge players. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will be paying

What We Do In The Shadows is the Pick of the Week

Its a great week to be a horror fan.
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It's a good week to be a horror fan. I’ve no doubt complained in these pages before how I rarely get to watch horror films anymore. The wife doesn’t like them; the daughter is too young for them. I only get a slight sliver of time between the family going to bed and me not knocking off myself to watch the sort of things only I want to watch. There is a long list of those things and most of them beat out horror in the desire department so it is a real rarity that I actually watch any sort

getTV Celebrates Cary Grant in August

A month of classics featuring the Howard Hawks' hit His Girl Friday and Grant's final film Walk, Don't Run, Thursdays in August.
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Want to spend the evening with Cary Grant? getTV offers everyone the opportunity for a few nights during the month of August. Read on to learn all about it Press release: getTV pays tribute to the incomparable Cary Grant in eight unforgettable classics, airing every Thursday in August at 7 p.m. ET. The month kicks off on August 6 with 1937’s THE AWFUL TRUTH, the film that established Grant both as a leading man and comedic genius, starring alongside Irene Dunne as a soon-to-be-divorced couple who go to extremes to undermine each other’s romantic prospects. The 1938 George Cukor romance

Criterion Announces October 2015 Releases

As Halloween approaches, Criterion offers a slate of films filled with various scares.
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In October, Criterion offers five releases. New to the collection are David Cronenberg's The Brood, Ettore Scola’s A Special Day, and David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. Also available are new digital restorations of Masaki Kobayashi’s original cut of Kwaidan and Gus Van Sant's My Own Private Idaho. Read on to learn more about them. My Own Private Idaho (#277) out Oct 6 River Phoenix (Stand by Me) and Keanu Reeves (The Matrix) star in this haunting tale from Gus Van Sant (Mala Noche), about two young street hustlers: Mike Waters, a sensitive narcoleptic who dreams of the mother who abandoned him,

Ex Machina is the Pick of the Week

This week brings us sexy artificial intelligence, sexually transmitted haunting, boys with horses, exotic sequels and more.
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At work today, I was listening to the Invisibilia podcast, specifically the one entitled “Our Computers, Ourselves.” It was all about how computers and technology have changed us as a society, culturally, and individually. I was especially fascinated with the segment on Thad Starner who has essentially been wearing a computer (kind of a prototype of Google Glass - which he helped invent actually) for the last couple of decades. He swears it has been nothing but helpful, with no downside at all. He constantly types information into his hard drive about what he’s thinking, what he’s doing, and the

Ash vs Evil Dead Will Be Unleashed on Halloween

The series from original filmmakers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell is set to premiere Saturday, October 31 at 9 PM.
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Press release: STARZ announced the highly anticipated premiere of original series Ash vs Evil Dead on Saturday, October 31 at 9 PM ET/PT and released the first live action trailer during the series’ Comic Con panel in San Diego. The 10-episode first season of the half-hour series is executive produced by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Bruce Campbell, the original filmmakers of the franchise, and Craig DiGregorio who serves as executive producer and showrunner. Ash vs Evil Dead, which is currently in production in New Zealand, is the long-awaited follow-up to the classic horror film franchise The Evil Dead. Campbell reprises

For the Die-hard Die Hard Fan: Nakatomi Plaza: Die Hard Limited Edition Collection

Own all five explosive Die Hard movies On Blu-ray housed in a replica of the iconic building - Available October 13.
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You are gonna need a bigger shelf and maybe a bigger room to add this new, ultimate Die Hard limited edition set to your collection in October. To learn more, read on: Press release: Ever wanted to scale Nakatomi Plaza with John McClane, just like in the first Die Hard? On October 13, fans can do just that with the Nakatomi Plaza: Die Hard Collection! Featuring all five of the franchise’s action-packed films in a replica of the legendary Los Angeles tower, this limited edition collection is McClane-approved and like nothing you’ve ever seen before, making it the perfect gift

Cartoon Network Re-Ups Five of its Hit Original Series

Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa, and Clarence will return for additional seasons.
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Press release: In advance of Cartoon Network’s ultimate fan experience at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the Network announced today that Cartoon Network Studios’ original series; Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa and Clarence, will return for additional seasons. Coming on the heels of worldwide ratings and critical acclaim are orders for Season 8 of the Peabody Award-winning Adventure Time, Season 8 of the Emmy-winning Regular Show, Season 3 of the Emmy-winning Uncle Grandpa, Season 3 of Steven Universe and Season 2 of Clarence. Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and Clarence all originated from the prolific artist-driven

Criterion Re-releases The Big Chill and It Is the Pick of the Week

This week brings us some nostalgia via the Criterion Collection, Mick Jagger as an outlaw, two versions of a Hemingway story, the Governator battling zombies, and much more.
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I've been writing about new DVDs and Blu-rays for a few years now. You'd think this would give me some special insight into release cycles and that I might possess a long memory of what's hit the home video market over the years. You might think that, but you'd be wrong. I have no real idea of how or why various movies get released when they do. I also have a terrible memory which makes me forget what's been released moments after I write about it. This week I totally forgot that Criterion had released The Big Chill almost exactly

Director Bryan Singer Teases X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut

Go deeper into the X-Men universe than ever before.
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Press release: X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut will be available on Digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD July 14th, but while you wait we're pleased to release this exciting 30-second first look of the film, first debuted by director Bryan Singer on his Instagram account this morning. With a never-before-seen, alternate cut of the film—plus nearly 90 minutes of all-new, immersive special features, the X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut takes you deeper into the X-Men universe than ever before. Rogue (Anna Paquin) makes her return as the all-star characters from the original X-Men film trilogy

The Who: Live at Shea Stadium 1982 is the Pick of the Week

This week brings us some live rock and roll, classic Jack Nicholson, weird Czechoslovakians and Will Ferrell in corn rows.
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It's Summer. It's hot. School’s out. Vacations are on. Everybody is busy. I have to yell at my wife every now and again just to keep us from doing something. Every. Single. Weekend. It gets a bit ridiculous how busy we are. Everybody else is too it seems, if the state of traffic has anything to do with it. It's so stinking hot outside and yet nobody is staying in doors where it's cool. Where the AC runs. I don’t know what we’re all doing, but apparently its not sitting inside watching DVDs. This week's pickings are once again very

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' Coming to Theaters This August

Funimation Entertainment and Fathom Events to bring all-new Dragon Ball Z feature to the big screen August 4-12.
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Press release: Hot on the heels of last year’s summer blockbuster, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, the internationally beloved animated franchise, Dragon Ball Z, is back in theaters with a highly-anticipated new release: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F,’ presented by FUNimation Entertainment in partnership with Fathom Events. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ is the second feature personally supervised by series creator, Akira Toriyama. The event will be presented on the big screen in select cinemas across North America from August 4 -12, 2015. Fathom Events is proud to be showcasing the movie in more than 500 U.S. cinemas on

The Fisher King from Criterion is the Pick of the Week

This week brings us some classic Terry Gilliam, live Rolling Stones, resurrected British Crime TV, John Travolta forging Monet, and much more.
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At some point during my early teens, we had Showtime or HBO or some such pay-cable channel. Whatever it was, they played Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits over and over again. I was absolutely mesmerized by it. It was so weird and unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Its hero was a little boy and a bunch of little people and the story was full of fantasy so it seemed like it was made for children. Yet it was also very dark, weird, and adult feeling. Everyone talked really funny too, and I remember very specifically how strange the police sirens

getTV Presents Crime Stories and Pre-Code Classics in July

Other highlights include a Friday Icons Lineup featuring Barbara Stanwyck, Peter Sellers, Janet Leigh, and Yul Brynner; Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl; and much more.
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Press release: Cinema’s greatest detectives are on the case, as getTV presents a month of mystery featuring 19 classic crime dramas in the “Watching the Detectives” block, every Thursday in July at 7 p.m. ET. The lineup includes Warren William as a ​reformed jewel thief in THE LONE WOLF SPY HUNT (1939) with Rita Hayworth and Ida Lupino, and 1940’s THE LONE WOLF KEEPS A DATE (July 2); Chester Morris stars as Boston Blackie in the Christmas caper ALIAS BOSTON BLACKIE (1942) with George E. Stone, and 1941’s MEET BOSTON BLACKIE(J​uly ​9) with Rochelle Hudson; Warner Baxter is the amnesiac

Gotham, Arrow, and The Flash Season Sets Coming in September

Are these the heroes (and villains) we need?
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DC Comics had a strong presence on the 2014-15 television landscape. FOX's Gotham was the TV season’s #2 broadcast drama among men 18-34; Arrow was the CW’s #2 show among Total Viewers, averaging 4.2 million viewers weekly for each original episode, behind only The Flash, which had the most-watched series premiere in The CW's history (reviewed by Gordon S. Miller), and original episodes averaged six million viewers weekly throughout the season. In September, each series is releasing seasons sets on Blu-ray and DVD, allowing fans to revisit the stories and newcomers to learn what all the fuss was ablout before

Criterion Announces September 2015 Releases

A well-rounded collection of films from around the world.
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In September, Autumn comes and so does this batch of six Criterion titles. New to the collection are Krzysztof Kieślowski's Blind Chance, Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, Merchant Ivory’s A Room with a View, and two films by Bruce Beresford, Breaker Morant and Mister Johnson. Also available is a new 2k digital restoration of Leonard Kastle’s The Honeymoon Killers. Read on to learn more about them. Blind Chance (#772) out Sep 15 in Blu-ray & DVD Editions Before he stunned the cinematic world with the epic The Decalogue and the Three Colors trilogy, the great Polish filmmaker Krzysztof Kieślowski made his

Chappie is the Pick of the Week

This week features some critically panned sci-fi, some critically adored art-house, some wonderful animation and much more.
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It's always amazing to see a new and interesting director come onto the scene, and then utterly disappointing to see them crash and burn. I was as excited as anyone to see what M. Night Shyamalan would do after The Sixth Sense and maintained that excitement through Unbreakable (under appreciated in my opinion and holds up way better than Sense in repeat viewings). But I have slowly gone from great anticipation over what he’s doing next to complete ambivalence as he continues to make the same movie over and over (in increasingly disappointingly fashion again and again). In a similar

TCM Will Honor Actor Christopher Lee on June 22

Programming tribute to include The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) and Horror of Dracula (1958).
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Press release: Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will celebrate the life and career of acclaimed British actor Christopher Lee, whose haunting, intimidating performances as Count Dracula, the Frankenstein monster and Fu Manchu made him an icon of horror films with an eight-film tribute on Monday, June 22. Lee, who passed Thursday June 11 at the age of 93, had long career which emcompased more than 275 credits including Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and four films with director Tim Burton. The following is the complete schedule for TCM's tribute to Christopher Lee: TCM Remembers Christopher Lee - Monday, June

Kingsman: The Secret Service is the Pick of the Week

Slim pickings this week my friends
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As I’m browsing through the new releases each week and putting all the interesting ones in new tabs, I make a little mental checklist. There are things that sound interesting, things that are interesting, things that will almost certainly be picked, and others that most assuredly will not be but that I think are important enough to at least mention. Every once in a while those last things get bumped up and I actually wind up picking them. We now find ourselves in one of those weeks. Living now in close proximity to my parents means that me and the

Insider Access to Disney•Pixar's Inside Out in Select U.S. Cinemas on June 16 Only

An insider tour of Pixar Animation Studios, including Live Q&A with filmmakers and the voice of Joy, Amy Poehler.
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Press release: Fathom Events and Disney are working together to present a special screening of “Insider Access to Disney•Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’” in select U.S. movie theaters on Tuesday, June 16, 2015—three days before “Inside Out” hits theaters nationwide. Kicking off at 6 p.m. CT and 7 p.m. ET/MT/PT/AK/HI, this one-night event will include 15 minutes of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from Pixar Animation Studios, the new “LAVA” short, a screening of the full-length feature “Inside Out,” plus a Q&A with director Pete Docter, producer Jonas Rivera and the voice of Joy, Amy Poehler, via satellite from their Australian tour—live in ET

The Justice League Takes on Gods & Monsters and the Legion of Doom This Summer

Gods & Monsters and The Legion of Doom! What more do you need?
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Fans waiting for next year's release of the live-action Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice can pass the time this summer with two animated adventures of DC Comics' Justice League. Press release: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Warner Bros Animation and DC Entertainment present an all-new animated feature film from renowned producer and animator Bruce Timm, Justice League: Gods & Monsters, on July 28, 2015. The title will also include never-before-seen bonus content and will be available on Blu-ray Deluxe Edition, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD. The Blu-ray Deluxe Edition will include the Blu-ray Combo Pack, along with an

Second Trailer for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Has Been Released

See it before it disintegrates.
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Official synopsis: With the IMF disbanded, and Ethan (Tom Cruise) out in the cold, the team now faces off against a network of highly skilled special agents, the Syndicate. These highly trained operatives are hellbent on creating a new world order through an escalating series of terrorist attacks. Ethan gathers his team and joins forces with disavowed British agent Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), who may or may not be a member of this rogue nation, as the group faces their most impossible mission yet. Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation stars Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner,

getTV Celebrates Rosalind Russell in June

Highlights include classic favorites starring Russell opposite Melvyn Douglas, Kim Novak, Sid Caesar, and Ray Milland.
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Press release: getTV honors the legacy of actress Rosalind Russell with a special birthday block featuring 11 of her finest films, every Thursday in June at 7 p.m. ET. The month-long event kicks off June 4—what would have been Russell’s 108th birthday—with the WWII drama THE GUILT OF JANET AMES, starring Russell as a grieving war widow who meets one of the men her husband died to save, played by Melvyn Douglas. Next, at 9 p.m. ET, Russell stars as Harriet Craig, a conniving housewife who uses her marriage as a means of attaining money and power in CRAIG’S WIFE,

Parks and Recreation: Season Seven is the Pick of the Week

This week brings us the conclusions of two great shows, the high definition upgrade of a better one, plus Kevin Costner, loads of cannibals and a naked Helen Mirren.
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Like a lot of people, it seems, I at first dismissed Parks and Recreation as another The Office clone and didn’t much bother with it. I remember seeing the first couple of episodes, thought it was pretty funny but I’d seen enough of that schtick with The Office and put it down thinking I’d never come back. And I didn’t for a good two, maybe three more seasons. Then I started hearing some good buzz about it. When a friend commented about it on Netflix, I made my The Office dismissal, and she countered with I should skip season one

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