Tupac: Live at the House of Blues (2010) Blu-ray Review: Tupac and Snoop Back in ‘96

Tupac: Live at the House of Blues was recorded in 1996 just months before Tupac was fatally shot and killed. ...
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The Heroic Trio/Executioners Criterion Collection 4K UHD Review: Insane Hong Kong Lady Action

In the pre-Internet era, information about different cultures’ cinema was obscure. It was rumor. It was some still in a ...
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The Hobby Movie Review: What Was Once About Collecting Is Now About Investing

The documentary The Hobby bills itself as “a character-driven, feel-good deep dive into the high-stakes, eccentric world of card collecting.”  ...
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Monk: Season Three Blu-ray Review: Bigger Stakes and More Colorful Characters

Having previously reviewed Season One and watching Season Two during its original broadcast, I have to say that after revisiting ...
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