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Never Say Never Again Collector’s Edition DVD Review: Sean Connery Plays His Most Famous Role One Last Time

The year 1983 was strange, but interesting for James Bond fans. It saw the release of Octopussy, starring the then ...
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Lonesome (1928) Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: Sometimes, Happiness is Just a Neighbor Away

There’s nothing like a little alone time to give you some perspective on your situation in life — especially when ...
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Zombie A-Hole DVD Review: A Worthwhile Throwback to Less-Than-Serious Horror Movies of Yore

Having recently reviewed Richard Griffin’s The Disco Exorcist, I initially mistook Dustin Mills’ Zombie A-Hole as having been a creation ...
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Oslo, August 31st DVD Review: A Brilliant, Thoughtful Piece of Art

Written by Jordan Richardson When one feels that life is passing him or her by, it can be unbearable to ...
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