Joint Security Area Blu-ray Review: Friendship and Murder in the DMZ

I first came to Park Chan-wook's films, like I suspect a lot of other Americans did, through Oldboy, his 2003 masterwork ...
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Bartender (2006) Blu-ray Review: A Calming Aperitif of a Show

Anime in the popular imagination is...I was about to say Dragonball, but that shows my age. Sailor Moon? One Piece? Inuyasha? Once or twice ...
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Criterion Announces April 2021 Releases

In April, there will be five releases from The Criterion Collection. The new additions are Frank Borzage's History Is Made ...
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The Marksman (2021) Movie Review: Off Target

There is no debating that Liam Neeson is the one big-name actor currently working in Hollywood who is able to ...
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