Iron Man / Hulk: Heroes United Blu-ray Review: Needed a Better (Creative) Team

Heroes United brings together Iron Man and Hulk in a CG-animated adventure that is more likely to please the younger ...
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Grey Gardens (1976) Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: An S-T-A-U-N-C-H Classic

The Film A landmark in documentary filmmaking and possibly the most well known work from the school of direct cinema, ...
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Futurama: Volume 8 DVD Review: Farewell from the World of Tomorrow!

Written by Chris Morgan Futurama had one of the more unusual runs in television history. It began as a network ...
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Go for Sisters Movie Review: Forget It, Jake. It’s Mexico

John Sayles' 18th film as writer/director, Go for Sisters, tells the story of characters dealing with fractured lives and relationships ...
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