Mad Max: Fury Road Meets Annihilation in Upcoming Almighty Series

Fan-favorite creator Ed Laroche (The Warning) is back with an all-new, high-stakes, five-issue miniseries in, Almighty. This upcoming launch is ...
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Book Review: Five Decembers by James Kestrel 

Joe McGrady has been a beat cop in Hawaii since he left the Army five years ago. But it’s the ...
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The Nun and the Devil Blu-ray Review: Which Mother Will Prove Superior?

Despite the title, the Devil does not make a physical appearance in the Italian The Nun and The Devil (1973). ...
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Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman Collection Blu-ray Review: Essential Viewing

As I may have mentioned in previous reviews, documentaries (more than anything in film) have the power to move, enrage, ...
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