From the Couch Hole: So Glad That You’re Here Again

Previously on FTCH, there was a murder at the end of the world on Dune. The messiah asked for black ...
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Verotika Blu-ray Review: A Comic Book Horror Anthology Come to Life

Verotika (2019) is writer/director Glenn Danzig’s debut and is an anthology horror movie based on characters from his Verotik comic ...
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Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) Movie Review: I Am Your Captain, Your Judge, and Your Jury

Frank Lloyd’s Mutiny on the Bounty was nominated for eight Academy Awards and came away with one, Best Picture. The ...
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The Promised Land Movie Review: Mads Mikkelsen Harvests Another Winner

When a destitute retired army captain sets out on a quixotic quest to cultivate inhospitable land, he runs afoul of ...
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