Nude for Satan DVD Review: Nudity, a Suave(ish) Satan, and Lots of Surreal Confusion

Nude for Satan (1974) is a low-budget, Italian, erotic, horror movie from the warped mind of writer director Luigi Batzella ...
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Tribeca 2024 Review: The Dog Thief

One of the best things about film festivals, such as Tribeca and others, is having the opportunity to see movies ...
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Against the Storm (Herbert Kline in a Darkened Europe) Blu-ray Review: Capturing Pivotal Moments from History

As I may have mentioned in previous reviews, I really love documentaries. They dare to tell the truth about the ...
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Doctor Who: The Celestial Toymaker Is the Pick of the Week

It seems completely crazy to me now, but for years the BBC did little to no archiving of their television ...
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