The Sound of Music: 45th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review: Dozens of Hours of Entertainment

The hills are more alive than ever thanks to the stunning 45th anniversary Blu-ray + DVD release of this venerable ...
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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Review: An Amazing Film on a Very Grand Scale

I was a little let down by The Two Towers. Yes, I thought it was a very good film that ...
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Alien vs. Predator Movie Review: Quickly Disintegrates into Fighting and Special Effects

This is a film that has been talked about for years ever since a scene in Predator 2 where the ...
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Predator DVD Review: The Movie Keeps Viewers Guessing by Changing Genres Throughout

I was certain I had seen Predator before. Not sure when, but years ago. I mean, I’d seen plenty of ...
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