Amour Is the Pick of the Week

I rarely go to the theatre anymore - too much trouble, too expensive, and audiences are way too obnoxious. Even ...
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The Thick of It: Seasons 1-4 DVD Review: More Than Just Creative Swearing

Written by Chris Morgan If you are familiar with the works of Armando Ianucci, and you are American, it is ...
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To Be or Not to Be (1942) Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: You’ll Get a ‘Terrific Laugh’ Out of This One

Written by Kristen Lopez In 1942, the U.S. hadn't entered World War II and audiences were unaware of the horrific ...
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Shoah Criterion Collection DVD Review: Superb Release of Haunting, Tragic Film

Shoah is a film about trains. Inside its nearly 10 hours of running time, the image and movement of the ...
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