Massacre at Central High Blu-ray Review: More Than Just Goofy Teens Getting Whacked

Massacre at Central High (1976), starring Derrel Maury, Andrew Stevens (son of Stella Stevens), Kimberly Beck, Robert Carradine, and Cheryl ...
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The poster of a film the man with an image

From the Couch Hole: And Talking Is the Only Way, Then Rap On

Previously on FTCH, we pumped it up with cinnafuego and a fruit mix-up. There was a prince, a pauper, and uncut ...
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Brandi Carlile In the Canyon Haze Poster

Brandi Carlile: In the Canyon Haze – Live from Laurel Canyon Exclusively in IMAX Theatres September 28th

IMAX announced the upcoming “Brandi Carlile: In The Canyon Haze - Live from Laurel Canyon” connected theatre event featuring the ...
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Death Game Blu-ray Review: Delightfully Unhinged and Truly Unpredictable

The 1970s was perhaps the best decade for horror flicks and suspense thrillers. There's always going to be a discussion ...
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