What Price Hollywood? DVD Review: Hell Is a Place Called, Well, You Know

We've all heard the many tales of terror reaching from the furthest depths of the various circles of Hell that ...
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Free and Easy / Estrellados DVD Review: Buster Keaton en Español? ¡Sí!

Although MGM's 1930 pre-Code musical comedy Free and Easy wasn't silent comedian Buster Keaton's first talking motion picture, it was ...
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The Swimmer (1968) Blu-ray Review: The Last Great Studio-Made Cult Film

The very definition of a cult film is one that many (ahem) "scholars" such as myself can drunkenly argue amongst ...
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Cinema Sentries

Favorite Movies Adapted from the Stage

With Clint Eastwood bringing the Tony Award-winning musical Jersey Boys to the silver screen, it serves as a reminder that ...
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