Thoughtful & Abstract: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Shadows”

In which Shawn (@genx13) and Kim (@kimfreakinb) have instant reactions to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the most fun show on network television.

Shawn: Go dark. Stay in the shadows. Find the obelisk.

I think I see where this season is going in a nutshell. I really needed a little more of a “Previously on . . . ” to get me back up to speed. But that start caught my attention and I kinda want a whole episode of the Howling Commandos in the ’40s. Back to modern day and I got the good and the bad of the series all in one decent episode.

It’s like the show spends a majority of their budget on two or three scenes an episode. The fight scenes and anything outdoors had some tremendous effects. But the first half of the episode took place with talking heads in too many half-lit rooms.

It was nice to know you Lucy Lawless. Did Coulson not mention to Hartley that rule number one is that you don’t touch the Obelisk? And that whole Fitz and Simmons thing? They are supposed to be a single unit in general “Fitzsimmons”. Him imagining her? That didn’t do it for me. And Skye as Clarice Starling didn’t do much for me.

What I learned. The team is a mess. The Absorbing Man is cool when he turns to glass. There is going to be a season long battle with Talbot and a bigger mess with Hydra. If I had not sat through all of last season, I would have been as confused as hell. Did it get you excited?

Kim: First and foremost, they really need to get someone in there to shave Ward’s beard for him. Not that I don’t appreciate a good beard, but I like his jawline far too much to have it obscured by facial hair. So no, I didn’t get all that excited about it. Maybe it’ll grow on me; the look, not the beard. He can, apparently, do amazing things with a piece of paper. I tried origami once, and failed miserably, so mad props to a Hydra guy being able to make a shiv out of loose-leaf.

Now, I really liked the beginning. I liked going back to the original Captain America movie to remind you just how long Hydra has been a thorn in everyone’s side. It was a great reminder of why we need S.H.I.E.L.D. in the first place.

I thought Lucy was going to be a regular. I hoped for it, since I like the strong, kick-ass female characters. I’ll keep Melinda May though. She’s probably one of the most bad-ass agents that exist. I just love her no-nonsense approach to things, what with the kicking people in the face and being so matter-of-fact when discussing anything at all, even stealing a plane while Xena turns into some sort of statue. She’s my lady-crush of this season, yet again.

Fitz & Simmons. I was wondering why everyone ignored Simmons, except Fitz. Now I guess I know. It made me so sad at the end to realize the damage done to his brain from lack of oxygen and whatnot was causing all of these problems. What you’re supposed to get, I think, is that he is a part of their family and they’re not going to discard him because he’s not all there any longer. Skye? Don’t get me started. I’m not wild about what they’re doing with her character. I was waiting for Miggs in the next cell to say something crude to her and for Ward to comment on her shoes. There were plenty of other ways they could have that interrogation of Ward play out, not sure why they chose the Silence of the Lambs route. Also, not sure I’m wild about her new hair style. I guess I really don’t like change. Thankfully, Coulson’s appearance hasn’t changed, so we still have our man.

I like the Absorbing Man shirtless and in hospital scrubs. I’m kind of over him already. I’m sure Ward could probably subdue him with paper somehow.

My take-aways? They’ve turned Ward into kind of a creeper. We’re not only going to see the team battle Hydra, but Talbot as well. There’s some other guy we’ve never seen before who is, apparently, a part of the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Lastly, mercenaries do really dumb shit, like use torches to open up boxes that contain unknown, dangerous objects.

Shawn: I didn’t even mention Ward. His transformation to creeper doesn’t jive with what I remember from last season. He was a traitor but he was smoother than that last episode let on. He’s all Super-Villain confident all of a sudden. It might be the beard. I’m all pro-beard but this sets up too much like there will be an episode later where he shaves it and is like all, “Hey, bitches, I’m all S.H.I.E.L.D. now”.

And that car crash at the end. First, I feel like I’ve seen that exact crash at least three times in the past season. Second, I think they missed a great chance at some drama. Hunter is alive in the car and all he does is close his eyes and watch Absorbing Man. Let’s have some tension. Let’s build some rivalry. Absorbing Man has a very Terminator-like abilities. I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t have been more careful to make sure everyone was dead at the scene.

It’s called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Give me more Coulson and more May. The best laugh of the episode was Coulson on the phone as Talbot. My action shows need that camaraderie, human moments, humor, and maybe some kissing in addition to kicking ass. I think you feel like me, right? We’re setting the stage to get there. Maybe the appetizer just wasn’t all we had hoped for.

Kim: The appetizer was mozzarella sticks, but they were a bit overdone and not ooey-gooey the way I like them.

Yeah, I’m not sure where Ward got the slick, “Hey, baby. Wanna pick my brain about Absorbing Jr. and then if you just knock down this electronic barrier, I’ll give you three minutes in heaven.” Perhaps it’s the power of the beard, or perhaps it’s knowing that you can kill yourself with a piece of paper or a button. Maybe he’s on Thorazine. Who knows?

The car crash. I think you’re not giving Hunter enough credit. He’s one guy, he saw what A.M. can take on, as far as bullets and such. He knows he can’t do shit, and to do so is a suicide mission. Now, was he in love with Hartley? Can he vow some sort of vengeance for her? And who was that guy driving? Where did he come from? Is he dead now, too? So many questions resulting from that crash alone. Absorbing Dude turns only part of his body into metal so he can pick up the obelisk, is that right? I just want to be certain I know what we’re dealing with before heading into Episode 2.

I don’t want Coulson to turn into the ever-elusive Nick Fury. I get he’s in charge of rebuilding, but what made Son of Coul so great since the beginning of ever, was that he wasn’t afraid to jump right in to the fray and take on an enemy, not hide from it in a dark room. I don’t like him being a puppet master. I like his silly side, his heart-warming Phil side. I want that back.

Kissing in this show has always seemed out of place to me, but the compassion for each other was always a part of it and that is what was missing. Coulson being all “Yeah, Fitz isn’t what he was and we can’t fix that” irritates me, because he should be trying to find a way to help him. Their S.H.I.E.L.D. for crying out loud. Let’s find some way to help him. Let’s find our “all for one and one for all” mentality, because that’s what we need here. I remain hopeful for Episode 2.

What do we want? More Coulson & May! When do we want it? Episode 2!


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