The Mentalist: The Seventh and Final Season DVD Review: Wrapping Up Loose Ends

The foundation of The Mentalist had been the mystery of the serial killer Red John, who was responsible for the murders of Patrick Jane’s (Simon Baker) wife and daughter. Since this was ultimately resolved in the sixth season, the final season provided an opportunity to focus on the relationships and wrap up loose ends.

With Red John now behind him, Jane continues his work with the FBI alongside agents Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and Kimball Cho (Tim Kang). Complicating matters on the job is the newly budding romance between Jane and Lisbon, especially when a case involves Erica Flynn (Morena Baccarin), a former adversary and love interest of Jane. The 12 episodes this season offer the standard solving of crimes ranging from murder to robbery while leading towards a climax rooted in the culmination of seven years with these characters.

The Mentalist lost a bit of its edge after season three when it appeared that Red John had been unmasked. Not ready to give up the main storyline, likely for fear of dropping ratings, it was then dragged out through season six.

The cast was a big reason I kept tuning into the series. Baker was the key to it surviving seven seasons with his charm and ability to shine in the role of a flawed man seeking justice for his family. Watching his character develop and struggle while learning how to move on has been intriguing. The incredible building chemistry between Baker and Tunney was paramount for the successful resolution of the series. My only complaint was the limited use of Kang and the underdevelopment of his character. There is a scene with him and Tunney that was one of the best of the series. His dry humor combined with his intense seriousness made him a real standout.

The extras contained in this DVD collection are minimal. “Patrick Jane: An Uncommon Man” is a featurette that includes interviews with the cast. It highlights the history and development of the character of Jane along with thoughts and insights on the final season. There are also deleted scenes.

The crimes in the final season of The Mentalist were unique enough that along with the introduction of new, dynamic characters in combination with the development of those we have come to love kept me watching until the end. This was not the best crime drama on television but it was a fun ride.

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Lorna Miller

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