Remembering Gene Wilder Blu-ray Review: A Loving Portrait of the Man, the Myth, and the Legend

Gene Wilder, legendary Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning actor, writer, and filmmaker was one of the geniuses of his generation. A versatile, natural talent who could be vulnerable, angry, sad, manic, and very expressive. Remembering Gene Wilder is Ron Frank’s loving portrait of the man, the myth, and the legend.

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Filled with hilarious film clips (from The Producers and Young Frankenstein, among others), never-before-seen home movies, outtakes, narration by Wilder from his own memoir, and insights from many of his famous friends, admirers, and collaborators including Mel Brooks, Carol Kane, Harry Connick Jr., Rain Pryor, Peter Ostrum, TCM host Ben Mankiewicz, and Wilder’s wife Karen, the film reveals so many interesting moments that made him one of the most beloved figures in pop culture.

Despite it delving into standard documentary cliches, it still feels genuine. It also doesn’t shy away from tragedy: the cancer diagnosis and untimely death of Wilder’s first wife, legendary comedienne Gilda Radner, and Wilder’s own Alzheimer’s diagnosis and death.

It may be a breezy 92-minute watch, but you are guaranteed to come away with a new appreciation of Wilder’s brilliance and unforgettable legacy.

Special features include additional interviews with Brooks, Kane, Mankiewicz, Wilder, Connick, Ostrum, actor Burton Gilliam, and writer Alan Zweibel; and a theatrical trailer.

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