Rare, Highly Collectible Edenwood #1 Incentive Covers to Feature Tony S. Daniel Signature & Special Sketched Artwork

The upcoming Edenwood by Tony S. Daniel will boast two additional collectible variants for its series launch from Image Comics. An Edenwood #1 incentive copy (1:100) featuring Daniel’s signature and an Edenwood #1 incentive copy (1:250) that will feature a sketch drawing by Daniel will both be in play this October.

A bestselling superstar, this is Daniel’s first written-and-drawn solo project in two decades and follows his home run work on Batman and Deathstroke.

Edenwood—an eons-long series of multiverse wars between demons and witches has found earth as its latest battleground. The battle pits Necronema, the demonic land which supplanted the Midwest twenty years ago, against Edenwood, the witchcraft controlled area of land that protects the rest of the U.S.

In the first story arc of this ongoing series readers are introduced to Rion, a teenager who is bestowed magical armor and trained to become a great demon killer. Rion is thrust into the role of hero whose mission it is to assemble an elite team of legendary demon killers and take on a dangerous mission to topple the demon kings of Necronema.

Edenwood #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, October 25:

  • Cover A by Tony S. Daniel – Lunar Code 0923IM816
  • Cover B by Mahmud A. Asrar – Lunar Code 0923IM817
  • Cover C by Jorge Molina – Lunar Code 0923IM818
  • Cover D (1:25) copy incentive by Ryan Stegman – Lunar Code 0923IM819
  • Cover E (1:10) copy incentive by Tony S. Daniel – Lunar Code 0923IM820
  • Cover F blank sketch cover – Lunar Code 0923IM821
  • Cover G (1:100) copy incentive by Tony S. Daniel (signature) – Lunar Code 0923IM822
  • Cover H (1:250) copy incentive by Tony S. Daniel (sketch by Daniel) – Lunar Code 0923IM823
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