Injustice (2011) DVD Review: The Vigilante Barrister

Over the course of its five episodes, this miniseries very slowly reveals its true intention. What starts out as a ...
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Cinema Sentries

The Spy Who Loved Me Movie Review: One of the Franchise’s Best

In the prologue to The Spy Who Loved Me, author Ian Fleming claimed it was a manuscript by a Canadian ...
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The Foxes of Harrow DVD Review: Drags to the Point of Tedium

Written by Brandie Ashe When it comes to antebellum costume pictures, the inarguable standard-bearers are Jezebel (1938) and Gone With ...
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H.P. Lovecraft’s The Whisperer in Darkness Blu-ray Review:  We’re Lucky to Have It

Written by Max Naylor Everyone enjoys H.P. Lovecraft. That is to say, I think there’s something universally appealing about Lovecraft’s ...
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