War Horse Blu-ray Combo Pack Review: Worth Watching Though Poorly Paced

While the title indicates that this is a war movie, it is much deeper than that. It is a film ...
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Sinners and Saints (2010) Movie Review: What Was I Thinking?

Written by Mule You know how sometimes you look at the specs for a movie and it has some decent ...
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Ann Arbor Film Festival 2012 Review: Palaces of Pity and THX 1138

Written by Ben Platko Palaces of Pity Consisting of beautifully disjointed scenes, and echoing The Fountain, Palaces of Pity exists ...
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Ann Arbor Film Festival 2012 Review: Films in Competition, and Films by Phil Solomon

Films in Competition Honestly, I wasn’t terribly thrilled about attending this selection of competition films, namely because of Soft Palate. ...
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