Broken City Combo Pack Review: Power Plays Everyone, Even the Corrupt

Written by Mike Bruno A movie about a corrupt mayor and a not-so-good cop. Wow, that's a first, and yes, ...
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Star Trek: Generations Movie Review: Passing of the Torch

Written by Greg Barbrick “Kirk or Picard?” was one of the first questions Dr. Sheldon Cooper asked Dr. Leonard Hofsteder ...
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Berlin Correspondent DVD Review: A Nifty L’il WWII Espionage B-Flick

For many B-movie lovers like myself, the late great German-born Martin Kosleck will perhaps be best remembered as the mad ...
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Richard III Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: A Ravishing Technicolor Beauty

The Film The last of Laurence Olivier's three Shakespeare adaptations, Richard III is unquestionably one of the great Shakespeare films, ...
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