Event Horizon 4K UHD Review: Atmospheric Space Chiller

At first glance, Event Horizon looks like a rip-off of Alien. A crew in space, far from any aid, investigating ...
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Flying Guillotine Part II Blu-ray Review: Double the Guillotine, Double the Fun

In 1975, Shaw Brothers Studio released The Flying Guillotine. It is about an elite group of guards to the emperor ...
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Wild Rovers Blu-ray Review: William Holden and Ryan O’Neal Ride into the Sunset

Wild Rovers (1971) starring William Holden, Ryan O’Neal and Karl Malden is a playful yet somber look at the lives ...
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From the Couch Hole: I’ll Light the Fire, You Place the Flowers in the Vase

Previously on FTCH, we were mellow and looked a life from both sides. We found Forrester, had soft snickerdoodles, hot peppers, ...
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