David Wangberg

Book Review: Kevin Smith: His Films and Fans, Compiled & Edited by David Gati

No matter what you think of director Kevin Smith, there’s no denying that the 52-year-old filmmaker has something out of ...
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Book Review: Being Bond: A Daniel Craig Retrospective by Mark Salisbury

Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond in No Time to Die reminded us all how much of an impact ...
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The Banshees of Inisherin Movie Review: Simply Lovely

What could be better than watching two under-appreciated actors give it their all? It’s watching two under-appreciated actors give it ...
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The Woman King Blu-ray Review: Delivers a Mighty Roar

When the majority of PG-13-rated action films being released today have a Marvel or DC label attached to them, one ...
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Mayor of Kingstown Season One Blu Ray Review

Mayor of Kingstown: Season One Blu-ray Review: Deserving of a Recall Election

There was a time when Taylor Sheridan was the hot, up-and-coming filmmaker whose work I consistently sought. The first Sicario ...
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DC League Of Super Pets Poster Image

DC League of Super-Pets Blu-ray Review: Sit and Stay for This One

Usually known for being much darker and more adult than its cinematic competitor Marvel, DC films will, on the very ...
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The Justice of Bunny King Movie Review: Essie Davis Excels in Familiar Drama

Gaysorn Thavatt’s The Justice of Bunny King premiered at 2021’s Tribeca Film Festival and is finally making its way to ...
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Running out of Time/Running out of Time 2 Blu-ray Review: One Part Great, One Part Unnecessary

It’s always great when a boutique studio like Arrow or Criterion releases a set of films in the same series ...
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Ferngully: The Last Rainforest 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Review: A Magical yet Rigid Journey

When revisiting a movie from your childhood, it’s always best to go in with an open mind and the expectation ...
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Detachment shown in the move Get Away If You Can

Get Away If You Can Movie Review: Sound Advice

It’s a rarity when the name of the movie tells you what to do if you see it playing in ...
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An emotional scene from Get Away If You Can

Interview with Terrence Martin and Dominique Braun about Get Away If You Can

It’s a daunting task to direct your first feature film in Hollywood. It’s even more daunting when you also commit ...
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A scene grab from the short film Fireworks

Tribeca 2022 Interview: Producer Annalise Davis Talks Fireworks

Producer Annalise Davis has been in the film industry for nearly 20 years, having worked on films such as The ...
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DVD Cover of the movie The Secrets of Dumbledore

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore Blu-ray Review: It’s No Secret, This Movie Stinks

If David Yates and J.K. Rowling are serious about their plan to make the Fantastic Beasts series into five movies, ...
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A scene grab from the short film Fireworks

Tribeca 2022 Review: Fireworks

There have been many films and television series that involve top-level characters carrying out orders to bomb a certain location ...
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A scene from the 2022 movie Katrina Babies

Tribeca 2022 Review: Katrina Babies

There is no way that someone could direct a documentary such as Katrina Babies the same way if they had ...
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A scene from the movie A Rising Fury

Tribeca 2022 Review: A Rising Fury

Starting with the Maidan Revolution in Kyiv in 2013, and leading up to the current invasion from Russia, A Rising ...
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An interactive scene from the movie The Visitor

Tribeca 2022 Review: The Visitor

After spending time in jail for “alcoholism,” Humberto (Enrique Araoz) is three years sober and ready to restart his life ...
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Integrity of Joseph Chambers movie scene

Tribeca 2022 Review: The Integrity of Joseph Chambers

Joseph Chambers (Clayne Crawford), or “Joe” as some call him, is not the kind of man you would think could ...
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An emotional scene from the movie A Love Song

Tribeca 2022 Review: A Love Song

Dale Dickey has been acting for nearly 30 years, and chances are, you’ve seen her in at least one movie ...
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LeVar Burton featuring in Butterfly in the Sky movie

Tribeca 2022 Review: Butterfly in the Sky

The opening scene of Butterfly in the Sky centers LeVar Burton in front of a huge library filled with books. ...
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A scene from the movie Peace in the Valley

Tribeca 2022 Review: Peace in the Valley

It’s a sad coincidence that Tyler Riggs’ Peace in the Valley premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival as the nation ...
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An emotional scene from the movie Rounding

Tribeca 2022 Review: Rounding

Alex Thompson’s Rounding is classified as a psychological thriller, and it has the necessary elements to categorize it as such. ...
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Filmmaker Naveen Chathapuram shooting a movie

Interview with Filmmaker Naveen Chathapuram about The Last Victim

After nearly 20 years in the film industry as a producer, Naveen Chathapuram has made his directorial debut with the ...
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A scene from the 2022 movie The Last Victim

The Last Victim (2022) Movie Review: A Victim of Mediocrity

One of the most interesting things about Naveen Chatapuram’s directorial debut The Last Victim is that, by the end, the ...
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Poster from the movie Say Hello to This Gem

Adieu Lacan Movie Review: Say Hello to This Gem

One of the tricks of adapting a stage play to film is making sure that the film is able to ...
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A scene from the movie As They Made Us

As They Made Us Movie Review: A Solid Directorial Debut for Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik has become successful in numerous fields. From landing roles in acclaimed television shows such as Blossom and The ...
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The Fellowship of the Mafia Ring DVD Cover

Eastern Promises (2007) Blu-ray Review: The Fellowship of the Mafia Ring

For most people, Viggo Mortensen’s star power was recognized after his performance as Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings ...
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The Fellowship of the Mafia Ring DVD Cover

SXSW 2022 Review: Mickey: The Story of a Mouse

As Walt Disney once said, “It all started with a mouse.” Now, that mouse, whose name you are probably spelling ...
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A scene from the movie Cha Cha Real Smooth

SXSW 2022 Review: Cha Cha Real Smooth

Coming-of-age movies have a tendency to be huge successes in the festival circuit, and most wind up becoming popular with ...
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Tony Hawk, Until the Wheels Fall Off action scene

SXSW 2022 Review: Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off

The opening minutes of Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off captivate the viewer with footage of a present-day Hawk, ...
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A scene from the movie The Cow by Eli Horowitz

SXSW 2022 Review: The Cow

A bad couple making bad decisions is always a chore to watch as a movie progresses to its end. One ...
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A movie scene interpreting a Biblical event

SXSW 2022 Review: Raquel 1:1

Mariana Bastos’ Raquel 1:1 questions what would happen if the Bible was written with more favorability toward women in its ...
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A scene from the movie Crows are White

SXSW 2022 Review: Crows are White

Traditions are hard to break, especially if a particular population has been practicing them for more than a century. And ...
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A scene from the movie A Vanishing Fog

SXSW 2022 Review: A Vanishing Fog

Augusto Sandino’s A Vanishing Fog is the first film to be shot entirely in the Páramo of Sumapaz, a large ...
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The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic poster

SXSW 2022 Review: The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic

It’s a long and unique title, but The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic is also something ...
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The DVD Cover of The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections 4K UHD Review: Welcome to the Meta-Verse

One of the things that The Matrix: Resurrections does is acknowledge that it feels pointless to make a sequel to ...
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DVD Cover of the movie La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita Blu-ray Review: The High Cost of Fancy Living

Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita clocks in at nearly three hours, the usual length of some big-budgeted epics that would ...
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The DVD Cover of the movie 12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men (1997) Blu-ray Review: One Terrific Movie

While Sidney Lumet’s adaptation of Reginald Rose’s 12 Angry Men is a film that is 100 percent perfect and doesn’t ...
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Invasion of the Body Snatchers DVD Cover

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) Blu-ray Review:  An Instant Sci-Fi Classic

At one point, Hollywood gave Jack Finney’s The Body Snatchers the same treatment it did to other popular literature such ...
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A scene from the 2022 movie Sundown

Sundown (2022) Movie Review: A Long, Unengaging Walk on the Beach

Michel Franco’s Sundown clocks in at 83 minutes but feels like it takes an eternity to reach its destination. Despite ...
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DVD Cover of Cry Macho featuring Clint Eastwood

Cry Macho Blu-ray Review: Back in the Saddle Again

It’s been some time since Clint Eastwood made a movie that is simply just enjoyable and doesn’t become something weighed ...
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Five Original Christmas Special DVDs are available

The Original Christmas Specials Collection Steelbook Blu-ray Review: Three Gifts, One Stocking Stuffer, One Lump of Coal

For many years, Arthur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass dominated the small screens with their holiday specials. Even after the ...
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A poster of the movie Throw Down by Johnnie To

Throw Down Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: Brawl Room Blitz

Johnnie To’s Throw Down is a titular double entendre. Not only is it a film about martial arts (kind of); ...
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Leonard Maltin featuring in Star Struck

Interview with Leonard Maltin about His Memoir, Starstruck: My Unlikely Road to Hollywood

Photo by Jessie Maltin “Is this about you or me?” That one question changed how then 13-year-old Leonard Maltin conducted ...
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Leonard Maltin featuring in Star Struck

Book Review: Starstruck: My Unlikely Road to Hollywood by Leonard Maltin

He has covered the entertainment industry since he was 13 years old. At some point, maybe even right now, his ...
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Poster of The Fortune Cookie by Billie Wilder

The Fortune Cookie Blu-ray Review: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

I’m from a generation that hears the names Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau together in a movie and immediately reverts ...
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The complete second season of His Dark Materials DVD

His Dark Materials: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray Review: Entertaining Adaptation of Popular Book Series

There was an era in the 2000s in which movie studios were desperate to find the next The Lord of ...
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Poster of the iconic movie 12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys Blu-ray Steelbook Review: No Monkeying Around Here

The first time I had come across Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys was in middle school, finding a novelized adaptation at ...
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Poster of the movie Crisis depicts an action scene

Crisis (2021) Movie Review: Surprisingly Disappointing

With heavy inspiration drawn from movies like Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic, Nicholas Jarecki’s Crisis takes a look at America’s addiction to ...
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Poster of the movie Mandabi by Ousmane Sembene

Mandabi Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: Unexpected Money Leads to Lots of Problems

One of the things that Ousmane Sembène’s second feature film does that so few films do is, take lesser-known actors ...
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Ethan Hawke featuring in the poster of Tesla

Tesla (2020) Blu-ray Review: Electrifying

To call Michael Almereyda’s Tesla an unconventional biopic would be an understatement. It’s an oddball and brazen approach to the ...
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The Marksman (2021) Movie Review: Off Target

There is no debating that Liam Neeson is the one big-name actor currently working in Hollywood who is able to ...
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The poster of the movie Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso Blu-ray Review: Heaven-Sent

The winner for Best Foreign Language Film at the 1989 Golden Globes and Academy Awards ceremonies, and deservedly so, Cinema ...
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Poster of the movie Jiu Jitsu featuring Nicholas Cage

Jiu Jitsu (2020) DVD Review: Wasted Potential

At this point in his career, when Nicolas Cage does a paycheck movie (which feels like one every week), a ...
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The DVD Cover of the award winning movie Judy

Judy (2019) Blu-ray Review: A Look at Life After the Rainbow

There is no denying that all of the praise and awards attention that Renee Zellweger has been receiving for her ...
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DVD Cover of the movie The Plot Against America

The Plot Against America DVD Review: A Bland ‘What If’ Drama

Based on Phillip Roth's novel of the same name, David Simon's adaptation of The Plot Against America takes a look at an ...
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Poster of the movie Parasite directed by Bong Joon Ho

Parasite (2019) Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: Rich Fam, Poor Fam

One of the hardest things for a filmmaker to do is blend multiple genres together and do it so seamlessly. ...
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The DVD Pack of the movie First Cow

First Cow Blu-ray Review: Striking Gold and Finding Friendship

This tumultuous year saw several films see a brief theatrical release before being pulled altogether. Unless it was something that ...
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A poster of the movie Christ Stopped at Eboli

Christ Stopped at Eboli Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: Emotionally Captivating

Listed as one of the 1,001 movies you need to see before you die, Christ Stopped at Eboli is a film of ...
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A poster of We The Bears, The Movie

We Bare Bears: The Movie DVD Review: A Satisfying Send-Off

Warner Bros Home Entertainment provided the writer with a free copy of the DVD reviewed in this Blog Post. The ...
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Book Review: Blade Runner 2049 – Interlinked – The Art by Tanya Lapointe

I remember back in 2017, after I had just exited the IMAX presentation of Blade Runner 2049, being absolutely stunned by ...
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Before the Fire (2020) Movie Review: A Timely Thriller that Flames Out

There's a lot that happens in the opening moments of Before the Fire that immediately feels tense and eerie, given the current ...
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The Whistlers (2020) Movie Review: Barely a Peep

One of the review pull quotes I originally saw for The Whistlers noted that it was like something the Coen Brothers would ...
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Book Review: Tiananmen 1989: Our Shattered Hopes by Lun Zhang

I was not even five years old when the events of Tiananmen Square took place in Beijing, China in 1989. ...
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Friday the 13th (40th Anniversary) Steelbook Blu-ray Review: There Was This One Time at Camp Crystal Lake…

Confession time. The Friday the 13th franchise is one that I've largely ignored my whole life. Call it snobbery, call it what ...
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The Deeper You Dig (2020) Movie Review: An Effective DIY Thriller

In the world of filmmaking, it's not rare to see siblings make movies together (the Coen brothers, for example). Nor ...
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Shirley (2020) Movie Review: Seriously Great

Shirley Jackson (Elisabeth Moss) has just become one of the most talked-about writers of her time, with the publishing of ...
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Richard Jewell Blu-ray Review: Misinformation Sells

It has become more of a gamble with Clint Eastwood's late-career directorial efforts. The Oscar-winning actor/filmmaker, who is still pumping ...
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Swamp Thing (2019): The Complete Series Blu-ray Review: What Is and What (Unfortunately) Will Never Be

It was doomed from the beginning. Before making its debut on the DC Universe streaming service, Swamp Thing had its initial 13-episode ...
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Waves (2019) Blu-ray Review: The Place Beyond the Palms

The use of popular music can make or break certain scenes in movies. Martin Scorsese knows this, even though he ...
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Harriet (2019) Blu-ray Review: A Long Walk to Freedom

One of the most surprising things about Harriet is the fact that, prior to it, there hadn't been a single feature film ...
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Sliding Doors Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review: Let Them Close

The idea behind Sliding Doors is one that is rather original and intriguing. Imagine someone living two separate but shared storylines. One ...
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Color Out of Space (2020) Movie Review: A Campy and Gorgeous Lovecraft Adaptation

One of the great things about Nicolas Cage's decisions to appear in practically anything that crosses his desk is, every ...
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The Farewell Blu-ray Review: Family Matters

When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the automatic assumption is that the person should know what they have ...
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By the Grace of God (2019) Movie Review: Shines a Spotlight on the Catholic Church Scandal

It wasn't that long ago that Tom McCarthy released Spotlight, the Best Picture-winning biopic that showcased a team of Boston Globe reporters investigating ...
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This Magnificent Cake! Blu-ray Review: This Magnificent Movie!

At just 44 minutes, This Magnificent Cake! zooms by, but it also leaves the viewer speechless. An exploration of 1800s Belgian history ...
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Chained for Life (2019) Movie Review: Unchained Filmmaking

As history has proven time and time again, Hollywood is not always the kindest place for certain people. All of ...
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Poms Blu-ray Review: Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Bah

Based on the trailers alone, Zara Hayes' Poms could easily be dismissed as something that we've seen numerous times and won't try ...
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Roxanne (1987) Blu-ray Review: Big Nose, Bigger Laughs

Fred Schepisi's Roxanne is a film that, at first glance, may seem too contrived and too formulaic to differentiate itself from the ...
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The Mountain (2019) Movie Review: Worth Exploring

I'm not familiar with any of Rick Alverson's previous efforts, such as The Comedy and Entertainment. But if there's something to be learned ...
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Fathom Events Presents Glory (1989): An Intense Civil War Film

In recent years, the war genre has mostly shown viewers the events of what happened during World War II or ...
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High Life (2019) Blu-ray Review: Out of This World

If 2001: A Space Odyssey had more of a horror aspect and were to get slapped with an R rating, it might ...
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The Illusionist (2006) Blu-ray Review: Full of Tricks and Treats

There was a time in which both Christopher Nolan's The Prestige and Neil Burger's The Illusionist played at the theater at which I worked. ...
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Cinema Sentries

Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Review: Living in a Post-Endgame World

Serving as an epilogue to Avengers: Endgame, and also the final installment of Marvel's Phase Three set of feature films, ...
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Yesterday (2019) Movie Review: Oh-Blah-Di, Oh-Blah-Da

Danny Boyle's Yesterday imagines a world in which all the people, living all around the world, had never heard of John Lennon, ...
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Under the Silver Lake DVD Review:  A Mind-Bending Ode to Hollywood and the Noir Genre

David Robert Mitchell's Under the Silver Lake had been pushed back so many times before A24 decided to quietly release it in ...
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Pavarotti Movie Review: A Fine Look at the Opera Legend

Luciano Pavarotti was one of the best opera singers to have lived, and his memory will live on forever in ...
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A Star is Born: Encore Blu-ray Review: As Great As the Original Version

Bradley Cooper showed his prowess for directing with his debut, the 2018 version of A Star is Born. In some aspects, ...
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Blaze (2018) Blu-ray Review: Hits the Right Notes

You may not know the name Blaze Foley, and that's OK. A lot of other people - myself included - ...
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The Kid Brother Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: A Comedic Gem

I'm not too familiar with the work of Harold Lloyd, and The Kid Brother is actually the first film of his that ...
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Pandas Movie Review: Simply Adorable

One of the things about animal/nature documentaries is that a lot of them aim to be overly cutesy in their ...
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Vice (2018) Blu-ray Review: A Smug, Insulting Biopic

In a perfect world, the cast of Vice would be in a movie that is compelling and maybe doesn't play to the ...
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The Mule (2018) Blu-ray Review: The Old Man and the Drugs

At this point, it's hard to take an actor seriously when he or she announces retirement from being in front ...
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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Blu-ray Review: A Crime Itself

Maybe five films is a bit too much to look at everything in the pre-Harry Potter universe. Or, maybe it's ...
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Soldier of War (2019) Movie Review: A Total Bore

Every now and then, a well-known actor will appear in a low-budget effort for a brief period of time. But, ...
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Interview with Jason David Frank about Fandemic Tour Sacramento and the Power Rangers

This weekend marks the start of a new type of comic convention hitting the national market. Fandemic Tour, which was ...
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Alien: Covenant Movie Review: Ridley Scott Returns to the Bloody Basics

More than 30 years after he terrified us with Alien, Ridley Scott returned to the franchise with Prometheus, a film ...
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Movie Review: A Solid Start to the Summer Movie Season

Superhero movies are going to be coming down the cinematic pipeline for many years to come. The same can be ...
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