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The Golden Child Blu-ray Review: A Classic Callback to When Films Were Fun

A perfect blend of comedy and action staring Eddie Murphy.
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Once upon a time, in a century past, during a decade called the Eighties, there was a legendary man who was no mere mortal. He was loved by millions for his edgy comedic style. But not only was he known for his standup comedy, but he also starred in some of the most famous sketches on a television show called Saturday Night Live. As he blossomed into stardom a small television show could no longer contain his immense talents and the silver screen beckoned him away. In that magical place his celebrity intensified as he became the biggest box-office star

The Great War (2019) DVD Review: A Film Better Suited for Television

The Great War is not terrible, but it’s nothing that special.
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If you can’t guess what this film is about, all you need to do is google “The Great War” and you immediately know this is about World War I. There have been a lot of films and stories about Vietnam and World War II but not nearly as many about this war. It’s probably no coincidence that this finds its way to DVD right when 1917 has come out. It’s quite common for studios to pump out films with similar topics and themes at the same time. But the two topics it deals with that set it apart from the

Jexi Blu-ray Review: Mindless, Silly Fun with a Hint of Possibility

Overall, the movie is enjoyable.
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Phil (Adam Devine) has led a lone and solitary life. He has no real friends, spends the majority of his time at home, and is completely obsessed with his cellphone. So much so, that his two co-workers, Craig (Ron Funches) and Elaine (Charlyne Yi), who have sat next to him at work for the last three years don’t even know one another’s names. Even though Phil aspires to be a real journalist, his social anxiety keeps him from reaching that goal and instead, his job consists of him writing top-ten lists that usually includes cute animals with the sole purpose

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series Blu-ray Review: One of the Most Beloved Sitcoms Comes to a Beautiful Conclusion

As difficult as it is to believe how long the show ran, it's even more difficult to accept that it won't be returning.
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Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided the writer with a free copy of the Blu-ray reviewed in this article. The opinions shared are his own. It’s hard to believe that it was 12 years ago that the two loveable nerds, Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), first walked into Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) life and into television history. Over that time, the show was nominated for 46 Primetime Emmy Awards and holds the record of most episodes for a multi-camera sitcom at 279. The premise was fairly simple. You take two socially awkward physicists and put them next to

Dreamworks Ultimate Holiday Collection Blu-ray Review: Holiday Specials for a New Generation

Having them all in one set is too much to pass up.
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As my friends and family can attest, Christmas is my favorite time of year. Not only do I decorate the inside and outside of my home and throw my own party, but on Christmas Eve, I have created my own special tradition. I make hot chocolate, open a box of See’s Candies, and watch all my favorite holiday movies. Most of those end up being various half-hour animated specials. Several of those I watch every year are on this new collection and there are a few that I had never seen before. Trolls Holiday is a lot more musical than

Supernatural: The Complete Fourteenth Season Blu-ray Review: An Emotional Season with the Show's Most Shocking Cliffhanger

Season 14 delivers what is expected with solid stories, a mix of comical moments, and familiar characters that are real and believable.
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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided Cinema Sentries with a free copy of the Blu-ray reviewed in this post. The opinions shared are those solely of the writer. When we last left our wayward Winchesters in Season 13, they had managed to vanquish Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) once and for all. With Lucifer stealing Jack’s (Alexander Calvert) grace in order to regain his full power, Dean (Jensen Ackles) had no choice but to let the apocalyptic Earth’s archangel Michael (Christian Keyes) inhabit his body in order to stop him. The deal was that Dean would be in control, but after the

Arrow: The Complete Seventh Season Blu-ray Review: Nothing Can Keep Down the Green Arrow and His Team

While the show has remained true to its original vision and quality, it’s not too difficult to see the end coming.
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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided Cinema Sentries with a free copy of the Blu-ray reviewed in this post. The opinions shared are those solely of the writer. When we last saw Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his team, the FBI was breathing down their necks, and they had managed to stop, but not capture Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) who is a psychopathic crime boss intent on taking over Star City and destroying the Green Arrow. But in order to stop him, Oliver had to do the unimaginable. He had to confess to not only being the vigilante but also

Reign of the Supermen Blu-ray Review: Too Much Story Compressed into a Small Amount of Time

Enjoyable but not as much as it should have been.
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In the previous DC animated film, The Death of Superman, the Man of Steel met his demise at the hands of the powerful Doomsday. It’s been six months since the loss of our hero and four new superheroes have risen to take his place. Superboy (Cameron Monaghan) is a teenage clone more interested in girls and media attention than crime fighting, and who happens to be created by Superman’s (Jerry O’Connell) arch enemy, Lex Luthor (Rainn Wilson). Steel (Cress Williams) is a man made of metal with a giant war hammer as a weapon. But is he a robot, a

Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer Movie Review: A Good Addition to the Holiday Season

It will certainly be on my "Xmas movies to watch" list every year.
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It’s that time of year again where Christmas music, lights, and goodwill towards all is in the air. So of course, it’s the perfect time to release all the new holiday films that hope to thrill and delight people of all ages. And the newest animated film to come out this Friday is about the littlest reindeer. Well, he’s not really a reindeer. Elliot (Josh Hutcherson) is actually a miniature horse whose job it is to wrangle goats on Whittick’s Whitty Bitty Farm & Petting Zoo. But he has bigger aspirations than what his current station allows. He looks at

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies Blu-ray Review: Doesn't Quite Capture the Essence of the TV Show

While I was entertained, the film fell a little flat.
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Serious comic-book fans know that the Teen Titans have been around since the 1960s, but with comic-book culture hitting the mainstream, many people were first made aware of this superhero team when the animated Teen Titans series premiered on Cartoon Network in 2003. The show starred five teenaged superheroes with varying powers that solved crime and fought super villains, much like their Justice League counterparts. They were led by Robin (Scott Menville), who had no super powers of his own but had learned from one of the greatest super heroes, Batman. The other team members included: Cyborg (Khary Payton), a

Supernatural: The Complete Thirteenth Season Blu-ray Review: With the Loss of So Many Allies Can the Winchester Brothers Manage to Carry On?

Once again, this show gives the fans what they are looking for.
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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided Cinema Sentries with a free copy of the Blu-ray reviewed in this post. The opinions shared are those solely of the writer. Every season the writers and creators are left with the daunting task of trying to come up with a new angle for the show. Not only something the audience hasn’t seen before, but something even bigger and bolder than the previous seasons. At the end of Season 12, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) were brought down to a new low. Instead of one of the brothers sacrificing themselves to save
Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided Cinema Sentries with a free copy of the Blu-ray set reviewed in this post. The opinions shared are those solely of the writer When we left off from Season Five, it was a big cliffhanger. Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) had Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his son William (Jack Moore) trapped on a boat just off Lian yu where our hero had spent those mysterious five years. The first five seasons often had flashbacks to what happened during those years and was all culminating in a cyclical journey to cap off the last ten

Rampage Blu-ray Review: A Beloved Arcade Game Brought to Life on the Big Screen

If you’re looking for a total popcorn flick with lots of destruction, then it fits the bill perfectly.
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Energyne is a company run by brother and sister Brett (Jake Lacy) and Claire Wyden (Malin Akerman). They are experimenting with genetic editing and doing tests that are outlawed and being done in space to keep them secret. But that all changes when one of the experiments breaks free from its cage and destroys the station, sending canisters of the genetic formula crashing to the Earth. Some of the containers remain intact but three of them have opened and released their gene-altering gas onto animals that have wandered into the area. One is a wolf, another an alligator, and the

Black Lightning: The Complete First Season Blu-ray Review: A Realistic Feel to a Show About Superheroes

Being a fan of all the CW superhero shows, I quickly found Black Lightning stood out as my favorite.
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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided Cinema Sentries with a free copy of the Blu-ray reviewed in this post. The opinions shared are those solely of the writer Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) is Garfield High’s principal and one of the most upstanding and respected members of the Freeland community. Little would anyone know that nine years ago he was running around as a costumed vigilante known as Black Lightning. But his days wearing a mask and fighting criminals are over. His wife, Lynn (Christine Adams), had grown tired of his nightly escapades that frequently brought him home bloodied, injured, or

Miracles Blu-ray Review: Sometimes It Takes a Lot of Small Miracles to Make a Big One

An entertaining story that has a number of familiar faces and a happy ending that would make a nice addition to anyone’s collection.
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In a small village somewhere in the jungles of South America, the young daughter of a tribal chief has become deathly ill. Kayum (Adalberto Martinez), the respected witch doctor, is called in to heal her, but even his powers cannot cure the girl. Finding himself staked to the ground and left to rot in the sun, Kayum calls out to God to bring him a real doctor that can save her. But his only response is a thunderstorm. Thankfully for the little girl, the thunderstorm is more than what it appears to be. And while that storm rages on another

Disorganized Crime Blu-ray Review: Is It an Action Film or a Comedy? Or Is It Just Disorganized?

I really liked the characters and really enjoyed the performances.
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Frank Salazar (Corbin Bernsen) is a skilled bank robber from the East Coast who is currently hiding out from the law in a small town in Montana. But true to his nature, he finds himself scoping out the local bank. When he finds that the bank is holding an exceptionally large amount of cash, he comes up with a plan to rob it and contacts four of his friends to help him pull off the job. Before he can hook up with his buddies George (Ed O’Neill) and Bill (Daniel Roebuck), two cops who have been chasing him all the

Survival Sunday: The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead Exclusive Fan Event Review

Not quite what you've come to expect from a Fathom Event, but was still worth attending.
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The Walking Dead (TWD) has been a ratings juggernaut for the last eight seasons. While it has declined some over time, it still finishes near the top every year. And with this success, AMC network continues to add to the franchise. First, it was an after show called The Talking Dead where host Chris Hardwick discusses with various cast members and fans about the episode that just premiered. Then, there was Fear The Walking Dead (FTWD), which is a show set in the same universe that follows another group of survivors. Along with these variations on a theme, the premieres

Emerald City Comic Con 2018 Review: Saturday and Sunday

Overall, I had a much more enjoyable time this year.
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This is Part 2 of Todd's ECCC coverage. Part 1 is available if you wish to start with that. Saturday Back To The Future: This was a really good panel. It started with Tom Wilson (Biff) on stage playing his ukulele and singing a song about the movie, his career, and answers to many of the frequently asked questions he must have heard over the years. He is actually a standup comedian and I had heard the song before but it was still funny. He also let everyone know that before his role in the film he played a football

Emerald City Comic Con 2018 Review: Thursday and Friday

A convention that continues to get better every year.
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Having been to my first Emerald City Comic Convention last year, I knew what to expect and was a little more prepared this time around. The first thing I knew is that the night before one of the local comic shops, Arcane Comics, in Shoreline just north of Seattle, throws an annual pre-ECCC party where they invite customers and artists to come to the store, mingle, and get ready for the upcoming convention. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. I guess my vision was people setting up tables or at

Walking Out Blu-ray Review: A Father-Son Hunting Trip That Fails to Deliver in Many Ways

While the film had a lot of potential in being a survival film with a heartfelt story, it failed to capture the elements I was looking for.
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David (Josh Wiggins) is a child of divorce. He lives with his mother in a big city in Texas while his father, Cal (Matt Bomer), lives out in a remote area of Montana. The father and son have had a difficult time connecting over the years, and when 14-year-old David comes for a visit, their relationship is still as strained and awkward as it has always been. But Cal looks to change this by getting his son away from the technological entrapments of his phone and taking him deep into the wilderness to hunt for moose. Hunting was something that

Justice League Blu-ray Review: The DC Cinematic Universe Is Heading in the Right Direction

Will leave fans looking forward to the next film in the DC franchise.
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It’s been some time since the last film Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice where the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill) gave his life fighting Doomsday. The loss of the world’s most powerful superhero affected the entire planet, leaving most without hope. Even Batman (Ben Affleck) feels the loss as he takes responsibility for the death of Superman. But there isn’t time for everyone to grieve. The Dark Knight is still patrolling the streets and has stumbled upon a new threat. Some strange insect-like creatures have been appearing around the world attracted by the scent of fear. After defeating one,

Sunday Program Highlights for Emerald City Comic Con 2018

These panels are where you might find our roving reporter.
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Held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington, Emerald City Comic Con's fourth and final day of programming on Sunday day, March 4. My highlights are below. Their entire listing is available on the official website. MARK SHEPPARD SPOTLIGHTMar 04, 2018, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PMMain Stage - WSCC 4A Crowley may have left the Supernatural realm, but their loss is Emerald City’s gain. Mark Sheppard returns to Seattle with more stories of the crossroads and so much more from his amazing career appearing in a lot of our favorite shows. EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW

Saturday Program Highlights for Emerald City Comic Con 2018

These panels are where you might find our roving reporter.
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Held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington, Emerald City Comic Con's third day of programming on Saturday, March 3 is the one day that sold out in minutes this year. My highlights are below. Their entire listing is available on the official website. BACK TO THE FUTURE12:15 PM - 1:15 PMMain Stage - WSCC 4A GREAT SCOTT! Join Doc Brown and Biff Tannen for tales from the past, present, and future of one of the most beloved franchises in the world. Christopher Lloyd and Tom Wilson are bringing 1.21 Jigawatts of awesome to the Emerald

Friday Program Highlights for Emerald City Comic Con 2018

These panels are where you might find our roving reporter.
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Held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington, Emerald City Comic Con's second day of programming on Friday, March 2 offers a large assortment of celebrity panels. Here are some that I find most interesting. Their entire listing is available on the official website. LET’S TALK FIREFLY WITH THE TAMS12:00 PM - 1:00 PMMain Stage - WSCC 4A Fifteen Years Later, Emerald City Comic Con reunites one of the best sibling teams in the known galaxies. It’s all about Simon and his Méi-mei and we can’t wait for this panel to bring us all…Serenity. PHIL LAMARR

Thursday Program Highlights for Emerald City Comic Con 2018

These panels are where you might find our roving reporter.
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Held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington, Emerald City Comic Con's first day of programming on Thursday, March 1 offers a large assortment of panels. Here are some that I find most interesting. Their entire listing is available on the official website. IT’S ALIVE!! BRING YOUR SUPERHEROES TO LIFE!1:45 PM - 2:45 PMTCC L3- Room 4 Art comes to life! See how an artist turns illustration into animation. Dana Burman, Motion Graphics Artist, shares how he used Character Animator to make Safety Action Team GO!; a 15 episode educational cartoon that pays homage to 80's

Freebie and the Bean Blu-ray Review: A Film That Should Have Stayed Buried in the Past

While the drawn-out car chases through the streets of San Francisco are entertaining and interesting to watch, the rest of the film is rather unwatchable.
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In San Francisco, two cops Freebie (James Caan) and Bean (Alan Arkin) have spent more than a year trying to find some evidence on Red Meyers (Jack Kruschen), the biggest syndicate boss in the city. Having been reduced to digging through the man’s trash in hopes of finding some clues, they stumble upon some incriminating documents that weren’t shredded. Rushing to get a warrant so they can search his home and business, they find that they can’t get one right away and will have to wait through the weekend. Normally, that wouldn’t be a huge inconvenience, but they discover that

The Princess Bride 30th Anniversary Fathom Events Review: A Fun Experience

A welcome return to the big screen after all these years.
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Thirty years ago, director Rob Reiner brought to the silver screen a film based on the 1973 novel written by William Goldman. Not only was Reiner a huge fan of the author but felt this novel was the best thing he had written and did everything he could to turn it into a movie. While the screenplay was being kicked around Hollywood by different people, Reiner managed to snag it after he had a one-on-one with the author and received backing from Norman Lear. Keeping to the original idea of having the film feel more like a novel, the story

Justice League Action Season 1 Part 1 DVD Review: More Action, Less Filler

It’s like eating your dessert without having dinner.
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It’s been ten years since the last animated series of our favorite DC superheroes was regularly on the air. Justice League ran from 2001 to 2004 and was quickly followed up by its predecessor Justice League Unlimited, which expanded the roster of characters and ran until 2006. The two shows were praised by critics and loved by fans. Not only did it bring beloved characters to the masses, but it did so with well-drawn animation and quality storylines. After this ten-year hiatus and a live action Justice League feature film about to debut in theatres, it must have seemed like

Supernatural: The Complete Twelfth Season Blu-ray Review: An Enjoyable Comprehensive Season

The Winchesters may know how to deal with monsters and demons, but have no clue how to handle the return of their mother.
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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided Cinema Sentries with a free copy of the DVD reviewed in this post. The opinions shared are those solely of the writer. In Season 11, the Winchester brothers took on one of the most powerful beings in the universe, Amara (Emily Swallow), who is God’s sister. But even teaming up with angel Castiel (Misha Collins), the King of Hell Crowley (Mark Sheppard), and Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), they couldn’t stop her. It took a heavenly intervention by God (Rob Benedict) himself to stop the omnipotent threat. So what possibly could follow an entity that big

Black Sails: The Complete Fourth Season Blu-ray Review: An Exciting Final Season Filled with Action and Surprising Twists

If you like pirates, it is very authentic to the genre and is certainly worth watching.
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At the end of Season Three, most of the pirates had been run out of Nassau by the new governor Woodes Rogers (Luke Roberts) and his British soldiers. Licking their wounds, Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) and John Silver (Luke Arnold) had made an alliance with a hidden city of former slaves that had escaped and formed their own community. At the beginning of Season Four Flint, Silver and the slave leader Madi (Zethu Dlomo) have returned with an army, a fleet of ships, and the most feared pirate of all, Captain Edward ‘Blackbeard’ Teach (Ray Stevenson) to retake Nassau in

Just Shoot Me!: The Complete Series DVD Review: A Classic Sitcom That Should Be Known As One of the Greats

Even 20 years later from the airing of the first episode, this show holds up.
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Releasing today by Shout! Factory, Just Shoot Me! is a television series that ran for seven seasons on NBC from March 4, 1997 until its series finale on August 16, 2003. The show was based around a fictional fashion magazine called Blush, much like Vogue or Cosmopolitan. The story begins when Maya Gallo (Laura San Giacomo) is fired from her job as a television editor when she decides to get back at a snotty reporter by replacing her teleprompter script with some inappropriate dialogue. With her rent due and no other employment offers, she decides to turn to her estranged

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray Review: Much Stronger and More Coherent than Season One

Facing off against the Legion Of Doom may not be good for the world, but it makes for an exciting adventure.
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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided Cinema Sentries with a free copy of the DVD reviewed in this post. The opinions shared are those solely of the writer. During Season One, the newly formed Legends managed to vanquish Vandal Savage (Casper Crump), an immortal madman set on the total conquest of Earth. During their adventures, they managed to lose a few crewmembers, defeat the Time Masters, and ended up becoming the only ones to watch over time and history for any time aberrations to occur and repair them. But things didn’t work out so well for our heroes as the

Kung Fu Yoga Blu-ray Review: Jackie Chan Channels His Inner Indiana Jones

Overall, it’s entertaining to watch, the girls are beautiful, and the Bollywood ending was fun.
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Jack (Jackie Chan) is a famous archaeologist teaching in a major Chinese university. While working on a new project, Ashmita (Disha Patani), an Indian professor, comes into his life looking for his help to find a long-forgotten treasure that was held by the royal army but disappeared centuries ago in the Tibetan mountains. Using newly developed technology, Jack’s team manages to find a hidden ice cave that has held the treasure and the army frozen for all these years. But before they can catalog and remove all the treasure, Randall (Sonu Sood), a treasure hunter, and his armed men steal

The Circle Blu-ray Review: An Interesting Idea with Poor Execution

Just because you have a good cast, it’s no guarantee that you will have a good film.
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Mae Holland (Emma Watson) is a young adult searching for her way in the world. She works as a customer-service operator in a call center. Her parents, Bonnie (Glenne Headly) and Vinnie (Bill Paxton), are struggling to get by while dealing with her father’s MS. But things suddenly begin to look up for her when her good friend Annie (Karen Gillan) contacts her informing her that she pulled some strings and has signed her up for an interview with The Circle, one of the world’s biggest tech companies. Mae impresses her interviewer and immediately goes to work. It’s essentially the

The 100: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review: It's The End Of The World As We Know It

This season returned to the survivalist nature of the first two seasons while seamlessly mixing in the science-fiction aspect.
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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided Cinema Sentries with a free copy of the DVD reviewed in this post. The opinions shared are those solely of the writer. When last season ended, Clarke (Eliza Taylor), with the help of her friends managed to stop Allie (Erica Cerra), the Artificial Intelligence that had not only brought forth the original Armageddon that destroyed the world but was trying to enslave all the remaining humans by taking over their minds. But just before the victory was obtained, Allie informed her of something even worse to come. The remaining nuclear power plants on the

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side Of Dimensions Blu-ray Review: An Excellent Addition to the Franchise

Yugi must save the world but can he do it without the help of the Pharaoh?
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The last time we saw Yugi Moto (Dan Green) and his friends they had once again saved the world and finally laid to rest the spirit of the Pharaoh, who resided in the Millennium Puzzle worn around Yugi’s neck. It’s now a year later and Yugi, Joey (Wayne Grayson), Tea (Amy Birnbaum), and Tristan (Greg Abbey) have bigger concerns than the end of the world. They are about to graduate from high school and things will never be the same again. But before they get to walk across that stage and receive their diplomas, strange things begin happening across the

The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-Wrestlemania DVD Review: A Fun Adventure Reminiscent of the Original Series

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the original show, but this new film has a very nice, familiar feel to it.
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The original Jetsons cartoon was produced by Hanna-Barbera back in the early ‘60s. While it only lasted 24 episodes, most people grew up watching it in syndication and would eventually see some new episodes in the mid-‘80s. The show featured the misadventures of a family in the future where people lived in the skies, had vehicles that flew, was filled with robots, and every television set was actually a video phone. Unfortunately, voice actors George O’Hanlon (George Jetson), and Mel Blanc (Cosmo Spacely) passed away, leaving the beloved cartoon in a sort of limbo where it has remained until this

Emerald City Comicon 2017 Review: A Smaller Convention Coming into Its Own

So after a few years of mulling it over, I decided that this would be the first year I would attend.
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Having been to several comic conventions in California, one of my friends living in the Seattle area told me I should come up and check Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) that is held in the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle. So after a few years of mulling it over, I decided that this would be the year I would attend. And while it wasn’t exactly the experience I’ve had at previous conventions, I had a fun time overall. It wasn’t because they didn’t have enough of the panels and celebrities that I enjoy seeing, but it was because I

Moana Blu-ray Review: While A Nice Addition To The Disney Catalog, It's Severely Lacking In Storyline

It doesn’t stand out quite like a Disney film should and the musical numbers are not very memorable.
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A long time ago, there was only the ocean until the mother island Te Fiti arose. The island was the beginning of all life and its heart was said to be able to give the gift of creating life to anyone who possessed it. Many tried but all failed. That was until the day a Demigod trickster with shape-shifting ability named Maui (Dwayne Johnson) snuck upon the island and stole the heart. But he was not the only one who came to steal the heart that day. The fire demon Te Kaa caught up with Maui as he fled the

Sunday Program Highlights for Emerald City Comicon 2017

Where to find Todd at ECCC.
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Emerald City Comicon's fourth day of programming on Sunday March 5 offers the convention's final panels. My highlights are below. Their entire listing is available on the official website Crafting Reality Mar 05, 2017, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, TCC 301 An exploration into crafting a distinct world with two distinct and unique comic voices in Mark Waid and Jen Vaughn. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Voice Acting Mar 05, 2017, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM, Main Stage - WSCC 4A Experience Troy Baker, Jim Cummings, Jess Harnell, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, Rob Paulsen AND John DiMaggio

Saturday Program Highlights for Emerald City Comicon 2017

Where to find Todd at ECCC.
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Emerald City Comicon's third day of programming on Saturday March 4 offers the largest group of panels. My highlights are below. Their entire listing is available on the official website. Robert Kirkman Q&A Mar 04, 2017, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Main Stage - WSCC 4A Join the creator of The Walking Dead, Invincible & Outcast for a lively Q&A. Why lively? Because there will be no moderator, just Robert Kirkman and you. Jim Cummings Spotlight Mar 04, 2017, 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM, WSCC 611 From Darkwing Duck to Winnie the Pooh, Jim Cummings has provided the voices of

Thursday and Friday Program Highlights for Emerald City Comicon 2017

Where to find Todd at ECCC.
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Emerald City Comicon's first two days of programming on Thursday, March 2 and Friday, March 3 offers an eclectic mix of panels. My highlights are below. Their entire listing is available on the official website. Build A World Workshop Mar 02, 2017, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM, WSCC 603 A panel of professional authors will build a science fiction and/or fantasy world right before your eyes, taking tropes, themes, and ideas from audience suggestions and developing a setting as well as brainstorming stories one could write in that setting. A great hands-on workshop for learning how to take your setting
I’ve been very fortunate to see Def Leppard several times over the years since their monumentally explosive Hysteria album took the world by storm in the late ‘80s. And while I have one or two bands that I like slightly better than them, they have always been the most consistent in regards to their live performances. The music is flawless, the vocals pristine, and they play the songs the way we know them. They don’t try the gimmicky tricks by trying to flip one of their best songs and give it a reggae feel, doing it acoustically, or making up

Scavenger Hunt Blu-ray Review: A Long Overdue Release That Stands the Test of Time

It compares to It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, mainly because it contains an overabundance of celebrities racing around to win a prize.
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When game designer, Milton Parker (Vincent Price), passes away, his $200 million fortune is left to be distributed between his family. At least that’s what they expect to happen. Being the game player that he is and invoking his motto of “Play to Win,” his last will and testament states that the person or persons to receive his entire fortune will be whoever collects the most points in a scavenger hunt. The items that need to be collected are written in riddle format, and the only rule is that they cannot purchase the items, but must obtain them by any

Keeping Up with the Joneses Blu-ray Review: An Action Comedy That Needed a Bit More of Both

Poor execution and utilization of the cast really left it flat.
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Jeff Gaffney (Zach Galifianakis) works for MBI, a giant corporation, in their HR department. He lives in a cul-de-sac with his wife Karen (Isla Fisher) and two kids. He has the perfect life, but it’s a simple, dull existence where he doesn’t even have enough security clearance to know what his company even does. But that all changes when a couple of his neighbors move to Hawaii and two incredibly attractive and exciting people, Tim (Jon Hamm) and Natalie Jones (Gal Gadot), move in across the way. Having some new blood in the neighborhood immediately attracts Karen’s attention as she

Book Review: Star Trek: 50 Artists 50 Years

A big book with only a few memorable art pieces.
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It’s been 50 years since the original Star Trek television show debuted on television. While the original series lasted only three seasons, there have been a number of television series and movies that have followed. Being that it is the 50th anniversary, there has been a lot of talk celebrating the event. Not only has there been many television specials, but Titan Books has also released an all-encompassing book of art featuring the show. The majority of the individual art pieces are displayed along with common questions and responses from the artists regarding their affiliation and interest in the Star

Book Review: The Art and Making of The Flash by Abbie Bernstein

It feels like a special feature found on a Blu-ray or DVD.
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Over the last couple of years, the CW has built up a number of television series based on the DC comics universe. While their first show featured the hero known as the Green Arrow, their second series needed to have a much lighter tone that had the feel of a comic book. Co-creator and executive producer Greg Bernlanti, who grew up reading comic books, said that The Flash was the hero who exemplified all the traits needed for this new series because he was the heart and soul of the Justice League and would make a perfect companion to the

Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again DVD Review: An Interesting Glimpse into Life on the Road

If you’re a fan of Jennifer Lopez, then this is a DVD worth having.
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In 2012 Jennifer Lopez set off on her first ever world tour. For six months, she traveled across five continents and performed in 65 cities, starting in South America and finishing in Puerto Rico. While you might expect this to be a concert DVD, it was really a documentary about all the behind-the-scenes interactions that happened during the tour. There was some concert footage, but only to illustrate what was being discussed during the interviews and to show the different venues and crowds that they encountered. Even then, none of the songs were performed in their entirety or without considerable

Can't Stop The Show: The Return Of KIX Review: The Band Is Back Sounding As Good As They Always Have

KIX and '80s heavy metal fans will not be disappointed with this new release.
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Formed in 1977, the hard rock band from Hagerstown, Maryland broke into the mainstream music scene with their fourth album, the platinum selling Blow My Fuse in 1988. After releasing two more albums that did not have the same success, KIX wouldn’t release another album for almost 20 years. In 2014, they released Rock Your Face Off. Following up that release, the band put together a documentary detailing all the time and hard work they put into creating new music. The biggest challenge was writing the music itself. Former bass player and author of most of the band’s previous songs,

Styx: Live at the Orleans Arena Las Vegas Blu-ray Review: A Quality Performance Even Without the Band's Biggest Songs

Instead of having someone else singing some of the songs Dennis DeYoung sang, Styx just completely leaves them out of the rotation.
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Filmed while on tour in July of 2014, the Blu-ray shows off some of the band’s well-known hits. Interspersed between the eight-song concert are interviews with the band and crew members detailing their adventures and lifestyle on the road. Topics covered range from what they do during their off hours to the inner workings of the business and how the technology has changed their experience of being away from home and their family. The line-up for the concert is Tommy Shaw (vocals, guitar); James “JY” Young (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Todd Sucherman (drums); Lawrence Gowan (vocals/keyboards); Ricky Phillips (bass, backing vocals);

Supernatural: The Complete Eleventh Season Blu-ray Review: The Winchesters May Have Just Been Defeated by Their Own Writers

What other challenge can you bring to the Winchesters that can compete with the one and only God?
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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided Cinema Sentries with a free copy of the DVD reviewed in this post. The opinions shared are those solely of the writer. When Season Ten wrapped up, the Winchester brothers had found a way to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean’s (Jenson Ackles) arm. The mark had been slowly driving him insane and more and more violent and making him less human. Unfortunately, there were two problems with removing the mark. The first was that they had to kill Death, which they managed to do. But in doing so, not only was Dean

Supergirl: The Complete First Season Blu-ray Review: A Lighter, Refreshing Superhero Tale

Overall, the show was entertaining, filled with good storylines, villains of the week, and an overarching story that came to a satisfying conclusion.
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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided Cinema Sentries with a free copy of the DVD reviewed in this post. The opinions shared are those solely of the writer. With the success of the DC shows currently running on the WB network, CBS decided to acquire their own superhero show based on Superman’s most famous relative, Kara (Melissa Benoist). Just before the destruction of Krypton and moments after her cousin was sent to Earth, Kara was placed in a spacecraft to help look after him since she was much older. But just as her ship left the atmosphere, the planet exploded

The 100: The Complete Third Season DVD Review: Ramping up the Action and the Sci-fi Factor

Even with the major changes, it still held true to the previous seasons and was just as enjoyable.
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Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided Cinema Sentries with a free copy of the DVD reviewed in this post. The opinions shared are those solely of the writer. When we last left Clarke (Eliza Taylor), she had just walked away from her friends after their battle with the Mountain Men. Having had to pull the switch that killed them all with radiation and some of the other horrific things she had to do to keep her people safe. she felt herself unworthy to be amongst them and committed self-exile. Unbeknownst to her it, was too late to simply walk away.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Awesome Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack Review: Another Awesomely Bodacious Panda Adventure for the Entire Family

It's fun, silly, has exciting storylines, good action, and most importantly a heart.
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Once again, DreamWorks has brought everyone’s favorite animated panda to his biggest adventure yet as he tries to save the world from another powerful Kung Fu warrior. Many years ago, Master Oogway (Randall Duk Kim) banished his best friend, Kai (J.K. Simmons), to the spirit realm after they had stumbled upon a village of pandas who had the extraordinary gift to manipulate chi and could tap into the power of the universe that flows through everything. While Oogway was content to learn the skills they could teach, Kai thought it was better to take what he wanted and ultimately caused

KISS Rocks Vegas Cinema Event Review: Exactly What You'd Expect from a KISS Concert

The only issue in regards to the concert is that every time they perform they give the exact same performance.
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Fathom Events is known for bringing one-time events into movie theatres throughout the country. These presentations can range from plays and ballets to full-scale rock ‘n' roll concerts like the one KISS filmed during their residency in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Casino. Before the film started, there was some KISS trivia flashed on the screen. The best two were how on December 31, 1972, Gene Simmons debuted his fire-breathing trick and managed to set fire to his hair at the same time. And the other was that during KISS’s first photo shoot the photographer did not realize they

Making The Grade Blu-ray Review: An Unappreciated Comedy That Has Held up Nicely over the Years

It deserves to be in the collection of everyone who enjoys a good '80s comedy.
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Palmer Woodrow (Dana Olsen) has been thrown out of six different schools in the last three years. His parents are tired of his shenanigans and are threatening to cut off his trust fund if he doesn't graduate before he becomes older than the teachers. But buckling down and getting good grades is not something he is willing to do. So what’s a spoiled rich kid supposed to do when a massive fortune and his entire way of life is at stake? He hires a poor kid to take his place and get the diploma for him. Eddie Keaton (Judd Nelson)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Blu-ray Combo Pack Review: The Special Features Are the Best Part

The Walt Disney Company begins The Signature Collection with the studio's first feature-length film.
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On December 21, 1937 Walt Disney released "Disney's Folly," a reckless endeavor that was mocked by critics and seen as the worst mistake that he could ever make, would completely bankrupt him, and destroy his career. The thought of making a full-length animated film was completely absurd and nobody would want to watch it. Imagine their shock when they discovered that they were completely wrong. Not only did the film have a good storyline, but it made people laugh and cry and everyone loved it. The film was an immediate success the mocking by critics stopped and now we all

Black Stone Cherry: Thank You: Livin' Live, Birmingham, UK Review: An Enjoyable Performance in Spite of the Low Vocals

The concert was fun to watch but there were some issues listening to it.
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Recorded October 30, 2014 on their Magic Mountain tour, the four-man band from Kentucky brought their brand of hard southern rock to England. The concert featured 20 songs picked from each of their four studio albums. The show was high energy, featuring a straight-forward performance with a minimal amount of visual effects and stage decoration. There’s a giant drop cloth behind the band with mountain scenery sketched on it. The only other extras on the stage are two short tables that the guitarists used to stand on giving them a little more elevation for the audience to be able to

Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour Live Blu-ray Review: Visually Impressive, Thematically Confusing

While the visual and the musical aspects of the concert were well done, there were a few things that were not so good.
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Capturing Katy Perry’s 2014/2015 concert tour recorded in Sydney, Australia last December, the show features seven different acts, nine costume changes, five hair changes, and a giant triangular stage that runs throughout the arena floor. Everything included is sixty tons of equipment requiring thirty trucks to transport. With everything needed to put on a show of this magnitude you would expect it to be an impressive performance, and visually it is. The giant triangle-shaped video screen behind the stage was crisp and clear as it projected various pictures and videos that went along with the different themes. During “Dark Horse”

Before We Go Blu-ray Review: A Quaint Little Film

The relationship between the main characters ends up feeling so natural it overshadows the film's initial flaws.
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Nick (Chris Evans) is sitting on the floor of Grand Central Station thinking about something important in his life when suddenly Brooke (Alice Eve) rushes by, dropping her cell phone, shattering at his feet. Without a moment’s thought, he picks up the phone and sets off after the obviously distraught woman. As the station is closing for the night, he returns the phone only to find that not only has she missed the last train of the evening, but her purse with all of her money and identification has been stolen. Knowing Brooke has no way to take care of

Just Let Go: Lenny Kravitz Live Blu-ray Review: A Giant Directorial Miscue

It's very difficult to enjoy the presentation as a whole, which is a shame because the music is so good.
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In support of his tenth studio album, Strut, Lenny Kravitz has released a live concert film that was recorded over a three-month period during the European leg of his 2014 tour. While there are twelve songs on the disk, it does come across more as a documentary than a concert performance. Between songs and sometimes right in the middle of them, there are interviews with Kravitz and the band. It’s a strange combination because just as the viewer is getting into the songs the entire vibe changes as you listen to philosophical explanations of what music is, and how the

The 100: The Complete Second Season DVD Review: A Wild Adventure in a Post Apocalyptic World

It has a little bit of everything for anyone who watches.
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When we last saw Clarke (Eliza Taylor), she had just awoken in an all-white room that looked like a medical facility. The battle against the Grounders had gone badly. and as a last resort. her people had to retreat to their broken drop ship and ignite the thrusters in hopes that it might kill off enough of the enemy that they would think twice before attacking again. The thrusters had done an exceptional job, but before Clarke and her group had time to react they were assaulted by strange-looking men in hazmat equipment with tear-gas grenades rendering them unconscious. Season

Supernatural: The Complete Tenth Season DVD Review: After a Decade of Fighting Evil, the Winchesters Are Still Going Strong

Most fans will enjoy the season as it stays true to the characters and keeps the feel of the show exactly where it should be.
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It’s hard to believe that Supernatural has been on the air for ten years. Not many shows make it to the magical fifth season let alone double that number. But if you’ve been watching the show all this time, you know that it’s something special. It mixes in the dark and macabre with the right amount of humor, heart, and characterization that hasn’t been seen on TV since Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer. At the center of the story are two brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester, who have grown up as hunters, a family profession

Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem Blu-ray Combo Pack Review: The Joker is Back to Take Over the World

...and give Batman another exciting adventure.
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Batman is back for another film in the Unlimited series that is based on a toy line in a semi-futuristic universe. Once again, Green Arrow, Nightwing, and Red Robin come along for the ride but this time a new hero has been added to the mix, Cyborg. And while in the previous film they found themselves up against a group of animal-themed villains, in this latest incarnation they are fighting Silver Banshee, Solomon Grundy, Scarecrow, and Clayface with The Joker as their leader. The villanous group is collecting random pieces of electronic equipment to allow them to upload a laughing
It’s been nearly 20 years since Slash was a member of the heavy metal band Guns N’ Roses. Since then he’s put out multiple solo albums and was a founding member of the highly successful band, Velvet Revolver. But in this recent video release the legendary guitarist shows off his incredible chops over his entire musical history. And once again he has teamed up with an exceptional vocalist, Myles Kennedy, who has his own unique singing style and sounds like a cross between Axl Rose and Scott Weiland. Since Slash has been making his own solo albums for years now,

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts Blu-ray Combo Pack Review: A Forgettable Adventure

Might be best for younger kids who are mainly interested in watching lots of different heroes and villains fighting it out.
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Batman (voiced by Roger Craig Smith) isn’t the only hero in Gotham City. The Flash, Green Arrow, and NIghtwing join forces to back up the Caped Crusader when he finds himself up against the Animilitia, a group of super villains featuring Killer Croc, Cheetah, Man-Bat, and Silverback. But our heroes are up against more than just this group of animal-themed ne’er-do-wells. There’s also a group of mechanical animals, a wolf, a tiger, and a bat that always seem to thwart their efforts to vanquish the criminals. After several run-ins with the Animilitia only to have them escape from their grasp,

Book Review: American Titan: Searching For John Wayne by Marc Eliot

Feels more like a history book than a biography.
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John Wayne is one of the most legendary actors to come out of Hollywood, but most of us don’t know much about him other than what we’ve seen on the big screen and with his passing in 1979, over 30 years ago, his films have been regulated to DVD views and classic television stations. Even with his enormous catalog of nearly 150 films, a number of them have been lost over the years because film was considered disposable and there was no reason to save it. But in this latest biography, author Marc Eliot gives us a look not only

The Best Of The Danny Kaye Show DVD Review: If This Is The Best, I'd Hate To See The Worst

The one thing that worked throughout all of the episodes was the musical numbers.
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I’ve been a fan of Danny Kaye for a long time. While some know him for his films The Inspector General, White Christmas or Hans Christian Andersen, my personal favorite has always been The Court Jester, a parody of Robin Hood about how a simple jester is mistaken for a legendary outlaw. Knowing him for his vast film catalog, it was a complete surprise to find that he actually had his own variety show that ran from 1963 to 1967 and had won several Emmys during its television run. The show consisted of multiple sketches interspersed between musical numbers while

Album Review: Gallagher: I Am Who I Pretend To Be: A Final Farewell from a Once Great Comedian

A reminder you of how great Gallagher once was.
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Comedian Leo Gallagher was the biggest comedian on the planet during the 1980s. He was selling out venues all over the world with his observational humor, prop comedy, and his infamous Sledge-O-Matic routine where he parodied a late-night infomercial while smashing watermelons all over his delighted audience. Now, having been out of the limelight for over 20 years, Gallagher has released a 55-minute comedy CD, his first album since 1978, recorded at the Ice House Comedy Club during his farewell tour. After 14 Showtime comedy specials where visual effects were so prominent, it’s a little difficult to let go of

Revolution: The Complete Second and Final Season DVD Review : A Lack of Direction Leads the Show into Cancellation

Learn what ultimately turned the lights out for good on Revolution.
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At the end of Season One, which was reviewed by Greg Barbrick, Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Aaron (Zak Orth) succeeded in their quest to turn the power back on by shutting down the nanites that had been suppressing the use of electricity. But to their dismay Randall (Colm Feore) took advantage of the situation and launched nuclear missiles that obliterated the cities of Philadelphia and Atlanta, forcing the two scientists to flip the switch again and turn the power back off. When Season Two begins, it’s six months from the event and the group is scattered all over the country.

The Other Woman (2014) Blu-ray Review: An Average Comedy That Needed to Push the Envelope a Lot More

Just knowing the basic plot, most people will be able to tell how everything’s going to play out.
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Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) had finally found Mr. Right. He had a great job, tons of money, is good looking and perfect in just about every way. At least that’s what she thought before she arrived at his house to surprise him and ended up meeting Kate (Leslie Mann) his wife instead. While dating multiple men at the same time and not bothering to remember their names was something she did often, dating a married man was the one line she won’t cross. Trying to backpedal and remove herself from the uncomfortable confrontation with the wife, Carly went back home

Book Review: Max Steel, Volume 2: Hero Overload by B. Clay Moore & Alfa Robbi

An enjoyable adventure for any age.
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Originally based on a line of toys produced by Mattel, Max Steel became an animated series made for television. Just last year, the show was rebooted and is currently running on the Disney XD channel. This current version is what this graphic novel is based on. Max McGrath is a 16-year-old high school student whose parents are both scientists. His father dies during some mysterious experiment leaving him to be raised by his mother. As he gets older, he finds that for some reason he is emitting Turbo energy, something so powerful that if he doesn’t release it from time

Free Birds Blu-ray Review: A Nice Family Film That Needed a Few More Laughs

Taking everything into consideration, Free Birds is an enjoyable film.
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Every year millions of turkeys are content on sitting around the farm letting themselves get fattened up for the Thanksgiving holiday. But Reggie (Owen Wilson) is the one turkey that stands out from the rest. He realizes why the farmer is fattening them all up and tries to warn his flock. With the easy lifestyle and as much food as they can eat, nobody is listening to what Reggie has to say. The more he tries to warn them the more ostracized he becomes from the group. But fortunately for him fate is about to step in and change his
Once again the irreverent animated comedy about a so-called average guy and his dysfunctional family has released yet another volume of 22 episodes. While it’s titled as "Volume Twelve," it actually contains all of Season Eleven’s episodes. It’s unheard of today for a show that was cancelled after the third season ever returning to television, let alone hit eleven seasons and surpass 200 episodes. The 200th episode is one of those featured in this collection, and you might even miss it if you weren’t looking for it since the episodes run in date of airing making it the fourth episode
Based on the Grimm's Fairy Tales, the TV series Grimm follows Nick (David Giuntoli) as he finds out about his Aunt Marie (Kate Burton), who leaves him a trailer full of old books, strange weapons, and odd ingredients for potions. Along with the trailer, he inherits the knowledge that he is a Grimm and it is his responsibility to carry on the family traditions. The Grimm family has a long history of hunting down Wesen, creatures that have the ability to disguise themselves as humans and live among us, but during times of emotional stress, a Grimm can see through

The World's End Blu-ray Combo Pack Review: Does Not Live up to the Rest of the Cornetto Trilogy

It’s difficult to believe that even hardcore fans of the first two films would find this satisfying.
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On June 22, 1990, a group of young men attempted a heroic feat in their small town of Newton Haven. They attempted to walk the Golden Mile, which meant drinking a pint of beer at 12 different taverns along the way that ended at the front door of the pub known as The World’s End. But the journey they embarked upon 23 years ago ended in failure. Not only did some of them not have the stamina to make the journey, but they also lost focus and found themselves easily distracted. After that fateful day, the five men slowly grew

Fathom Events Presents Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration hits the silver screen.
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I’ve been to a few of these Fathom Events before and so I’ve come to know what to expect. The ones I’ve experienced involved television shows and before the presentation starts the movie screen shows interesting trivia questions to get the audience in the mood for what is about to come. My favorite was that in North America alone more than 1,000 sonic screwdrivers are sold daily. And then there’s also some kind of featurette that involves the making of the episode with interviews of cast and crew. This one was entitled “The Day of The Doctor: Behind The Lens,”

Friday at Stan Lee's Comikaze 2013

I was impressed by how much things had changed.
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The last time I attended Comikaze was during its inaugural convention two years ago. It was also at the L.A. Convention Center but it felt like you were in the parking garage where all the exhibitors were crammed together and the panel rooms were black curtains hung up in a few areas of the floor pretending to be walls that gave no privacy or filtered any sound, The admission line was insanely long and it took two hours before we were bored enough to leave. So two years later, when I had the opportunity to attend once again, I wasn’t

Robot Chicken Season 6 Blu-ray Review: Back For More Irreverent Channel Changing

Great for adults but not for kids.
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Robot Chicken is an animated television series using stop motion, Claymation, and small puppets known mainly as action figures, and was created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. The concept is fairly simple. Take toys that every one of us has played with as a child, put them into outrageous situations, and see what happens. The series airs on Cartoon Network during the late night Adult Swim time frame, usually two episodes in a half hour block. Each episode contains multiple short skits and is made to appear like someone is flipping channels on their television, catching snippets and fragments

The Croods Blu-ray Combo Pack Review: A Fun Family Film That Needed A Little More Originality

Children will like the action, vivid colors, and silly creatures.
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The story is about a family of cavemen. Over the years, they have seen their friends and neighbors killed off by illness, dinosaur attacks, and all kinds of unimaginable ways that people can die. The only reason that the Croods have managed to survive so long is because of the Grug’s (Nicolas Cage) basic philosophy. Be afraid of everything and stay locked away in a cave as much as possible. But that kind of life isn’t really living. It’s just surviving. And that life style isn’t something his daughter, Eep (Emma Stone), can stand any longer. Her father might be

Sinbad (2012): The Complete First Season DVD Review: A Unique Version With A BBC Twist

There are a lot of good things working for the show.
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Most people’s idea of Sinbad is of the swashbuckling hero from the Ray Harryhausen films of the 1970s. But the BBC has brought forth and the Syfy channel has recently broadcast a re-invented version of the adventurer and his legendary journeys. Sinbad (Elliott Knight ) and his brother, Jamil (Devon Anderson ), are a couple of street rats doing whatever it takes to put food in their mouths and take care of their invalid mother and elderly grandmother. This includes lying, stealing, and fighting. It’s during one of these fights that Sinbad is pushed onto his path of destiny. While

The League: The Complete Season Four DVD Review: A Bad Season For The Gang Makes For a Good Season For Viewers

Most fans will be pleasantly satisfied with the season's overall storyline.
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It’s that time of year again when gladiators of the gridiron strap on their armor and march boldly onto the field of battle to valiantly conquer their opponents and achieve ultimate victory. But that’s only for the small percentage of the male population. The other 99.9% play Fantasy Football. A game where such things as strength, speed, endurance, and even intelligence are not necessary skills needed to rise to the level of champion. A game where middle-aged men of all shapes and sizes can rise to exalted levels. While this may not sound like the most exciting of settings

The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray Review: High Expectations Result in Unsatisfying Season

The writers once again show that nobody is safe.
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The end of Season Two left high expectations for what was to come in the third season of the highly popular, zombie apocalypse television series. Not only was there a glimpse of the prison, which caused fans of the comic book series the show is based on to salivate in anticipation, but it also introduced the character of Michonne (Danai Gurira), who is one of the most bad-ass characters in comic history. Along with these two events, The Governor (David Morrissey), Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln ) biggest enemy, had been cast for Season Three, leaving many wondering if it was even

Aerosmith: Rock for the Rising Sun Blu-ray Review: Any Fan Would Be Happy to Own It

Their performances are flawless and as good as they’ve ever been.
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It’s been more than 40 years since Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, and Brad Whitford came together to form the legendary rock band Aerosmith. Over that time, they have dealt with their share of obstacles such as alcohol and drug abuse. But their struggle and eventual overcoming of their hardships is what has made them such a strong and focused band. To prove that they are still one of the biggest and baddest bands out there the Boston natives their latest release features their recent tour of Japan and their first return to the island in seven

21 & Over Blu-ray Combo Pack Review: If You're Itching For A Good Teen Party Flick, Look Somewhere Else

It’s a lot of rehashed ideas from the ‘80s that are poorly executed.
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The 21st birthday has become a symbolic rite of passage into full adulthood. At least that’s what everyone wants to say, but it’s really a celebration of reaching the legal drinking age. And when that night arrives, it is customary for the friends of the newly arrived 21-year-old to take him/her out to the local bars to imbibe in as much alcohol as the human body can handle without dying. So when that lucky day arrives, Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) finds his two best friends from high school, Miller (Miles Teller) and Casey (Skylar Astin), have flown into town for

A Good Day to Die Hard Blu-ray Review: Lots Of Action With Little Substance

John McClane ceremoniously passes off the torch to his son Jack in this fifth installment of the franchise
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It’s been 25 years since the inaugural film of the Die Hard franchise was released in theatres to mass audience appeal. Now in its fifth installment John McClane is ceremoniously passing off the torch to his son Jack (Jai Courtney). The two have been at odds throughout most of their lives as John has spent too much time focusing on his job instead of on his family. Even though his job usually involves taking out the bad guys and saving countless lives, that’s hard for a kid to understand. All he knows is that his father was not around while

Doctor Who: Series Seven, Part Two Blu-ray Review: The Doctor Returns with a New Companion and a New Attitude

The second half of the seventh series is well done and the interaction between the two main characters adds a breath of fresh air to the franchise.
  |   Comments
Now that the Doctor is back with a new companion and he’s pulled himself out of his emotional cage, he’s ready to set off for adventure at the beginning of the second half of the seventh series. But wait; there’s a huge problem. The audience has been promised that Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) was the new companion. But how could that be? We saw her in the first half of the series as a shipwreck victim in the episode “Asylum of the Daleks,” and she died in that episode. That could have just been a coincidence since at that point the

Doctor Who: The Snowmen Blu-ray Review: This Year The Doctor's New Christmas Gift Is A New Companion

It's entertaining, but difficult to understand why it needed to be released separately from Series Seven, Part Two.
  |   Comments
Series Seven continues the tradition in the Doctor Who universe of a stand-alone Christmas special coming between the two halves. In "The Snowmen," it’s 1892 and the Doctor has gone into self-exile. The loss of his two previous companions, Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill), in the first half of the ser has pushed him over the edge. He is no longer the protector of the universe. Instead, he has resigned himself to the TARDIS high above the clouds. But the universe works in mysterious ways, and if his past is any precursor of what’s to come in his

Now You See Me Movie Review: A Lot More Magic Could Have Saved It from Mediocrity

Unfortunately, after introducing some great characters and a very interesting storyline, the film stalls out in the middle.
  |   Comments
J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) is a cocky, up-and-coming magician. Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher) is his former assistant who is turning heads with her own show. Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) is a cocky street magician/petty crook. Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson) is a mentalist, highly adept at reading people and hypnosis. These four talented amateur magicians find themselves mysteriously summoned to the same address in downtown Manhattan where they end up bonding together and creating a new magical act they call the Four Horseman. A year later they have an enormous Las Vegas act, where for their final trick they rob

Star Trek: First Contact Movie Review: Meeting New Friends and Killing Old Enemies

Plenty of action to satisfy everyone.
  |   Comments
Being the second film for the Next Generation crew and the eighth film in the entire Star Trek franchise, things were looking good for this release simply because it was an even-numbered film. And frankly after what was seen by many Trekkies around the world as the sacrilegious abomination of the previous film that killed off the iconic Captain Kirk (William Shatner), there was nowhere to go but up. At the start of the film, Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) is having nightmares about his assimilation into the Borg collective that occurred six years prior (shown in the television episode "The

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier: Movie Review: A Good Idea with No Payoff

It keeps teasing and gearing you up for an amazing confrontational ending that it doesn’t deliver.
  |   Comments
In the opening of the fifth installment of the Star Trek franchise we find the Enterprise-A and her crew engaged in a mortal battle where the future of all life in the universe is at stake and…oh, wait that’s not what we find at all. In the third movie, the Enterprise was destroyed and they ended up spending the entire fourth film in a stolen Klingon Bird of Prey. But at the end of the previous film, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) was severely punished for his actions of commandeering his old ship and setting off on a forbidden mission to

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Movie Review: You Can't Keep a Good Vulcan Down

It deserves to be considered one of the lesser films in the series.
  |   Comments
As a life-long Star Trek fan it’s almost impossible to say there has ever been a bad Star Trek film. There certainly has been some bad storylines and plots to the films but whenever you have the beloved cast members on screen simply interacting with one another and being so true to their characters, it’s never bad. This third film in the series is certainly what started people thinking about the odd-numbered-film curse, which eventually held true until the tenth film of the franchise. Up until that point it was the even-numbered films that were standouts while the odd-numbered films

So Undercover Blu-ray Review: Straight to Video and It's Obvious Why

Unlike a number of films where the ending destroys a perfectly good film, the ending of this one is its saving grace.
  |   Comments
When the FBI needs someone to infiltrate a sorority in order to protect the daughter of a mob informant, they call on the only person who can get the job done, Molly (Miley Cyrus). With this basic premise and given the fact that this is Cyrus’ second film in a row to be sent straight to DVD, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that it will be a train wreck. The question is how bad is it going to be. While most people would find it difficult to watch her playing an FBI agent, they can find some solace

Young Justice Invasion: Destiny Calling, Season Two Part One DVD Review: The Students Have Finally Become The Masters

If you’re a fan of the DC world or just like a good story, then this series will not disappoint.
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Season Two Part One of the Cartoon Network's popular DC Comics animated series was released in stores today. But if you’re looking for a continuation of the previous season you’re going to be in for quite a shock. Right from the first episode, you’ll find yourself confused. While most shows pick up fairly close to where they left off in the previous season, Young Justice isn’t even close. It’s been five years since Red Arrow’s (Crispin Freeman) imbedded programming took over his mind and forced him to help Vandal Savage (Miguel Ferrer) enslave the Justice League. And while five years

Red Dwarf X DVD Review: Who Would Have Thought Being The Last Human in Existence Could Be This Fun?

One of the best comedies to come from the BBC.
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Once again the crazy adventures of the misfit crew aboard the mining ship, Red Dwarf, have been released on DVD. Debuting in 1988 on BBC, the popular series releases a new season every few years. This latest season is its tenth although there never really was a season nine, but that really doesn’t matter because in a strange way it kind of fits in with the goofiness of the sci-fi theme and logic that completely distorts any rational theory of space and time. In other words, if you’re looking for a show that seems scientifically plausible, then you’re looking in

Archer: The Complete Season Three DVD Review: Not Just Your Ordinary International Spy, He's Much Worse

Creative, fun, and left me looking forward to the next one.
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I’ve never been a big fan of the spy genre. I couldn’t care less if they made another James Bond movie or Mission Impossible. Sure, I’ll see them if a friend wants to go see the film, but left to my own devices I won’t venture forth on my own to watch them. And to prove just how apathetic I am, I still have yet to see any of the three Daniel Craig Bond films even though I own two of them on DVD. So when the animated series Archer first appeared on FX three seasons ago I had absolutely

Star Trek The Next Generation: A Season Two Celebration

An evening of fun with fellow Trekkies.
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It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and the crew of the Enterprise-D was launched into the television universe where they boldly flew into the heart of American Pop Culture. To celebrate this event the entire series is being released on Blu-ray in HD. Every frame has been painstakingly re-mastered and all of the special effects have recreated in order to be as realistic as possible while still staying true to the original source material. To coincide with the release of the second season on December 4, Fathom Events held a one-night only

Doctor Who Series Seven, Part One Blu-ray Review: A Confusing Mess

It would probably be more advantageous to wait until the full season is released.
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The Doctor (Matt Smith) is back on DVD and Blu-ray for more adventures through time and space with his companions, Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill). But this time the season is cut in half as his time with the Ponds is almost at an end. So instead of a complete season being released it's only half of the season, culminating with the mid-season finale "The Angels Take Manhatten". It's been no secret that The Doctor was going to lose his companions this year, leaving fans waiting anxiously to see how the season would unfold, exactly what would become

The League: The Complete Season Three DVD Review: The Best Season Thus Far

A raunchy comedy about the three Fs: friends and fantasy football
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The recently released Season Three of the raunchy FX comedy about a group of fantasy football owners pushes the envelope even further than the first two seasons. The unscrupulous attorney and all-around a-hole, Ruxin (Nick Kroll), is the reigning Shiva Bowl Champion. And to prove his obnoxiousness he starts off the new season by hiring several NFL players, including Sidney Rice and Maurice Jones-Drew to create a Shiva Bowl Shuffle video based on the 1986’s Chicago Bears’ "Super Bowl Shuffle." Not only does he constantly berate his league members as champion but he even buys a giant gold ring to

Young Justice: Dangerous Secrets DVD Review: Offers Something for Everyone

Season one finally comes to a conclusion and doesn't disappoint.
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What started off as a mere trickle of episodes for Season One, three releases with only four episodes, has finally turned into a stream as the remaining 14 episodes have been released on DVD. It’s unclear why the release format has changed, but for most viewers it’s a welcome change as the miniscule amount of released material on DVD was the biggest fan complaint. The first episode “Alpha Male” starts off just moments after the end of “Homefront” where Red Tornado and his previously unknown siblings turned on the young heroes nearly killing them all. Wanting to seek revenge on

Dreams from My Real Father DVD Review: Incredibly Difficult to Take Seriously

Not all conspiracy theories are exciting.
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It’s that time of year once again. Unless you live under a rock and even if you do, you should know that it’s rabbit season. Or is it duck season? No, wait, I really think it’s rabbit season. Oops, my mistake. It’s far worse than either one. And no, it’s not fiddler crab season. It’s political season. Yes, it’s that time of year when your mailbox, telephone, and television are bombarded with lies, distorted facts, and phony promises. And to make it even more detestable this season ends with the most dreaded contest of all: the Presidential Election. And along

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story Movie Review: A Man Behind the Masks

A fun documentary about the man behind Marvel Comics.
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If you’re a comic book fan or even just a fan of the latest Marvel films to hit the big screen, then you know who Stan Lee is. But do you know what his real name is? What exactly is his contribution to the Marvel Universe? Is he a writer, creator, or an artist? Do you really know who Stan Lee is at all? I’m willing to bet that the average person has no concept of what Stan Lee has done for the comic book genre. If you’re thinking like I did before watching With Great Power: The Stan Lee

On The Ice (2011) Movie Review: Scratching the Surface of Eskimo Culture

A film about death and guilt from a unique perspective.
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Qalli (Josiah Patkotak) and Aivaaq (Frank Qutuq Irelan) are teenagers living in the town of Barrow, Alaska. One day when the boys are heading off onto the ice to hunt seals, Aivaaq takes off early with their friend James (John Miller) and leaves Qalli behind. By the time he manages to catch up with his two pals, Qalli sees them fighting and rushes in to break it up. But when he does, things have escalated to the use of weapons and he inadvertently ends up stabbing and killing James. Terrified at what has just happened, the two friends decide to

Logan's Run The Complete Series DVD Review: Its Life Was Also Cut Short

Little more than a memory and footnote in television history.
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In 1967 the novel Logan’s Run was written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. In 1976 it was turned into a film starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter in the two main roles. In 1977 the television series was born and ran for an entire season of 14 episodes. The year is 2319 and the world has been ravaged by nuclear war. The land is poisoned; civilization has been destroyed. Life no longer exists on the planet, except for a small refuge of humans living in the great domed city. The people in the city live a life

Pokemon the Movie: Black & White DVD Review: One of the Better Entries in the Franchise

Needs more Team Rocket instead of two versions of the same thing.
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Ash Ketchum is still on his long journey to become the world’s greatest Pokémon trainer. During his many travels he has experienced many great adventures, made a lot of friends, and found all kinds of wondrous Pokémon. And this time is no different. Ash and his two friends, Simon and Iris, have reached the city of Eindoak. The city is accentuated by a giant castle in the shape of a giant sword. Legend has it that a mighty king moved the Sword of the Vale to stop the feud between his two sons. One had the power of Zekrom, the

Torchwood: Miracle Day Blu-ray Review: A Welcome Return with an Unsatisfying Ending

Familiar faces caught up in a messy storyline.
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The last time we saw Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) was at the end of the Torchwood: Children of Earth saga. He and the rest of Torchwood had just saved the planet against alien invaders who planned on taking the Earth’s children for their own nefarious needs. But there was a price to be paid to save the world, and that price would come at the expense of our hero who was forced to sacrifice his own grandson in order to save all of the others. This price not only horrified the remaining members of Torchwood, but it took a

Robert B. Sherman, Songwriter for Disney and Others, Dies at 86

Final curtain call for composers of memorable film music.
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Robert Bernard Sherman (December 19, 1925 – March 5, 2012), half of one of the world’s most successful music-writing teams passed away in his home in London at the age of 86. While the exact details of his passing are not known, his son Jeffrey posted on his Facebook page that his father “went peacefully after months of truly valiantly fending off death.” Most people may not recognize him by name and realize what great musical contributions he and his brother Richard made, but there are very few people in the world who have not heard at least one composition

Up The Creek (1984) DVD Review: Whitewater Rafting Never Looked Like This Much Fun Before

After all these years, the film is still funny and entertaining.
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Dean Burch (John Hillerman) is tired of his University being the laughing stock of the country. He wants Lepetomane University (or Labotomy U. as it's jokingly referred to) to have at least one accomplishment to be proud of. In the entire history of the school not one student has won a trophy or received an award of any kind, but that's about to change because the Dean has a brilliant strategy. His plan is to take the four worst students in the entire country, the four students who have no hope in ever graduating and bribing them with a degree

Geek Charming DVD Review: Boy Meets Girl and You Can Guess the Rest

Everyone loves a geek, even snobby little rich girls.
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Dylan Schoenfield (Sarah Hyland) is the most popular girl at Woodlands Academy. She also happens to be the most arrogant, stuck-up, and selfish person in the school. At least that's what film geek Josh Rosen (Matt Prokop) thinks. Normally he wouldn't have anything to do with a girl like that, but he is a film student looking to create a hard-hitting documentary about popularity that might win him an award at a film festival and possibly catapult him into a good film school. When Josh asks Dylan about making a documentary all about her desire to become the Blossom Queen

The Whistleblower Blu-ray Review: A Highly Effective Film

Rachel Weisz takes on human trafficking in war-torn Bosnia.
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Kathy Bolkovac (Rachel Weisz) is a cop from Nebraska, who is so focused on her career that she has neglected her family. And because of that neglect, her husband has been awarded full custody of their daughter and is moving them both out of state. But with her lack of funds and inability to transfer between police agencies, Kathy cannot follow along to be near her child. When she hears about the incredible money that cops are receiving for joining private security forces in war-torn Bosnia, she decides that this may be her only option. She immediately signs up to

Godzilla (1954) Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review: The King of Monsters is Back

While the concept was original back in 1954, nowadays the film comes across as quite anticlimactic.
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In 1954 one of the world's biggest monster movies was released to the big screen. Created and directed by Ishiro Honda, the film was inspired by the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the continued tests of atomic weapons. After several ships disappear near Odo Island, a research team headed by Dr. Kyohei Yamane (Takashi Shimura) is sent to the island in hopes of discovering what has been destroying the ships. After finding giant radioactive footprints, listening to the tales of local villagers, and an encounter with a giant reptile, it is determined that a creature from the age of

The Rocketeer 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Review: Celebrating a Movie that Celebrates Old Movies

While a visually impressive restoration, it's severely lacking in special features.
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Disney's The Rocketeer based on the comic book by Dave Stevens has been released on Blu-ray to celebrate its 20-year anniversary. The story takes place in 1938 Hollywood and centers on Cliff (Billy Campbell), a young man who loves to fly planes. But his dreams suddenly take a sharp turn when the airplane he has spent most of his life building ends up broken into pieces on the runway after a shootout between the FBI and a couple of mob members. All appears to be lost until he discovers a small rocket engine hidden in one of the older planes

The Four Feathers (1939) Criterion Collection DVD Review: One Man's Journey of Redemption

Zoltan Korda's adaptation is a nice piece of viewing history.
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Harry Faversham (John Clements) comes from a long line of heroic officers in the British army. But ever since he was a young boy listening to his father's horrific tales of war, he began to agonize over the fact that someday he would find himself in the middle of a battle. But after his father passes away, Harry feels that his family obligation is over, and when his regiment receives notice that they are about to deploy to Egypt he decides to resign his commission. While his father may be dead, his fellow officers and friends take exception with his

Take Me Home Tonight Blu-ray Review: A Flashback to '80's Comedies

Entertaining and fun to watch.
  |   Comments
It's 1988 and Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) works in the mall at Suncoast Video. Normally a recent MIT graduate would find a much better job than one that pays minimum wage, but after all of his schooling, Matt still hasn't decided what he really wants to do with his life and finds himself completely paralyzed with fear. But all that is about to change when the girl of his dreams Tori (Teresa Palmer) returns from college and comes in looking for a video to buy. Having been terrified to ask her out when they were in high school, Matt does

Tigerland Blu-ray Review: Yet Another Vietnam War Movie

This 2000 film features Colin Farrell's first lead role in a motion picture.
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In 1971 the Vietnam War was coming to a close and it was a common notion that the war had already been lost. But in Fort Polk, Louisiana all personal opinions were left at the door. This was the United States' toughest infantry training base. Not only did you have to go through the hardcore training camp, but you also had to survive Tigerland before you were shipped overseas to enter the combat. Tigerland was a section of the base filled with dense foliage and marshland similar to what was found in Vietnam, and the men were completely immersed in

Lemonade Mouth Extended Edition DVD Review: Detention Ain't a Bad Place to be

A nice family film with a positive message for kids.
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In the World of Disney when five high school kids meet in detention, they do not talk about deep dark secrets and learn a life lesson by the end of the day like a great John Hughes film. In a Disney film, they play music, sing, and dance. Following along in the footsteps of High School Musical and Camp Rock, Lemonade Mouth is another teen flick filled with pop music. It's not a musical because they don't randomly break into song. The songs are self-contained within the story and have a legitimate reason for appearing where they do. Filmed in

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader DVD Review: Adventure Abounds

Another quality film set in this fantasy world.
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The Pevensie family has returned for another exciting adventure in the land of Narnia. But this time only Edmund (Skandar Keynes) and Lucy (Georgie Henley) are invited because Peter (William Moseley) and Susan (Anna Popplewell) are now too old. Along with the two siblings, their obnoxious cousin Eustace (Will Poulter) is also along for the ride. Three years have passed in the land of Narnia since their last visit. Caspian (Ben Barnes) is now the ruler and all the land is finally at peace. After rescuing the three from the ocean, he informs them that he is in search of

Sucker Punch Movie Review: Visually Stunning Live-Action Anime

A badass film that's really cool to watch.
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Zack Snyder, Director of 300 and the Watchmen, brings another visually stunning and exciting film to the big screen. But while this film has the look and feel of a graphic novel combined with classic anime, it's actually an original screenplay written by Snyder and Steve Shibuya. The story is about a young girl who is only referred to as Baby Doll (Emily Browning), who finds herself committed in an insane asylum by her evil stepfather who is furious when he discovers that his wife's fortune was left to her two daughters instead of him. When he decides to take

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