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Corpus Christi (2019) Movie Review: A Drama of Mistaken Identities

The journey of a juvenile in reformatory who becomes a reformer himself.
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Nominated for the Academy Awards' Best International Feature Film, this Polish drama opens with an "Inspired by real-life events" tag, instantly drawing us towards it. Daniel (Bartosz Bielenia) is in a detention center for a second-degree crime. We are introduced to the horrors of the place moments after his fellow detainees strip and beat a weakling, and Daniel helps these men. In a contrasting follow-up scene, he is seen arranging chairs for the prayer sermon followed by singing the hymns of the Lord like a good Christian. We get to know that he will soon get out on parole. He

PSIFF 2020 Review: Antigone (2019)

An ancient Greek tragedy re-imagined in the living conditions and troubles faced by an immigrant family in Montreal.
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Antigone directed by Sophie Deraspe is Canada’s official entry to Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards. The film is an adaptation of a Greek tragedy of the same name written by Sophocles in 441BCE. The play is about the Thebes civil war, which leads to the death of Antigone’s brother Polynices, and how she will fight the ruler and the state for the proper burial of her brother. It plays around the complex themes like civil disobedience, natural law vs. law of the state. The film doesn’t adapt the exact plot of the play but its focus

Marriage Story Movie Review: A Story of an Extremely Competitive Couple on the Verge of Separation

This divorce story unfolds with debates on various things like life in New York vs. Los Angeles, parenting, gender roles which come in between and ruin their successful marriage.
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Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story starts with the over-the-top dramatic score by Randy Newman and then enters the star Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) in the most dramatic way possible, the first few lines are in the form of a first-person voice-over by Charlie (Adam Driver) telling us why he loves Nicole. You will almost feel like you are watching a documentary or a television show because of the aspect ratio this film plays out in. This whole sequence unfolds in like an overture in a play. Then the perspective of the wife follows and she says, “He is competitive,” and he says