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Behind the Scenes: Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Press Day

Scars, curses, zombies and ghosts - meet them in person and be afraid.
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Have you ever been scared by a movie? Did the hair stand up on the back of your head? Did you jump? If so, that might have been Robyn’s fault. (That’s her in the picture applying a nasty looking scar to my forehead.) Robyn Rebbe was one of a dozen motion picture makeup artists who showed up to demonstrate their talents at the press-kickoff for Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights. Halloween Horror Nights pushes the envelope of scary by infiltrating the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park with 120 creatures of the night. If you thought zombies were creepy on-screen, just

Cosmopolis Movie Review: A World Full of Fear, Faithlessness, and Doubt

Looking for truth, love and a better exchange rate on the Won in a stretch limo.
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When you go to a David Cronenberg film you never know which DC made it. Is it the Baron of Blood who brought us the half-man-half-insect of The Fly, bloodthirsty zombies in Rabid, and exploding heads in Scanners? Or, is it the Brooding Auteur who tortures his characters souls in Dead Ringers, Crash, or A History of Violence? In either case, upon entering the theater, you may imagine Jeff Goldblum whispering in your ear, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” In his latest creation, Cosmopolis, Cronenberg does create a world full of fear, faithlessness, and doubt. And Cronenberg fans will be

From Russia with Love Movie Review: Checkmate on the Orient Express

In terms of its importance to the franchise, it's significant in several ways.
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From Russia with Love, (1963) directed by Terence Young (Dr. No, Thunderball, Wait Until Dark, and Inchon), has two beginnings, both of which, in classic Hollywood style, foreshadow future action. The second in the series of Bond films, it was the first to use the pre-title action sequence which became a hallmark of the franchise. Before the titles roll, we meet the assassin, Captain Nash (Robert Shaw). Even though I was a fan of Shaw for his work in the TV adventure, The Buccaneers (1956-7), I didn't recognize him in From Russia with Love (the first time I saw

SXSW 2012 Review: Paul Williams Still Alive

Director Stephen Kessler explores celebrity and addiction in the life of pop-culture icon, Paul Williams
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“We usually save this surprise for after the movie”, explained director Stephen Kessler. Kessler, who was on stage at the Paramount Theatre as part of Austin’s South By Southwest (SXSW) festival “But airplane schedules and the crowds mean we have to do this now. Ladies and gentlemen, Paul Williams.” Williams joined Kessler to discuss his film Paul Williams Still Alive. In the seventies, Paul Williams wrote hits like “We’ve Only Just Begun,” "Evergreen," and “Rainbow Connection." He starred in Battle for the Planet of the Apes and on Johnny Carson’s couch and then, he vanished from the pop-culture spotlight. Williams