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Wizard World Richmond 2016: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

"I love beard!"
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Wizard World Richmond was this past weekend and I’ve got some things to say about it. You’ll remember that I have limited experience when it comes to conventions. Now that I’ve been to a nationally recognized one, I’ve learned a few things that I wasn’t quite aware of when making my plans for what I was going to see and do. Then again, I’m pretty fickle so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that most of my plans were lost to the wind. Overall, I had a fairly positive experience. I’ve got good and bad things to say. In order to make

Wizard World Richmond 2016 Preview

To quote Opie Winston, "I got this."
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The first (and only) time I’ve been to any kind of convention was in 2013 when I went to Blood at the Beach. There weren’t a lot of guests I was really interested in seeing, but there were a couple of actors from The Walking Dead I wanted to gaze upon. I really had my heart set on meeting Michael Rooker, simply because I wanted to ask him a question about some little one-liners he had in the show that went largely unnoticed. I paid my money and got in the autograph line. I remember being next and I was

Suicide Squad Movie Review: I Didn't Care for It

Will Smith being fatherly is always kind of hot, so that gave me a few moments of happiness.
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Even though the critics said it was a horrible movie, I took my favorite tween to see Suicide Squad this past Friday. I convinced my friend to come along by promising him the fabulous burgers across the street afterwards. So I’ve seen it. I’ve made my own decisions. I have opinions about the movie and I feel that I really need to share them with both of you who read this. I should point out that part of my enjoyment of any movie is the giant vat of popcorn we generally plow through. Although this particular theater had the "butter

Warcraft Movie Review: It's for Those Who Grew up Playing the Game

It's also for the moms and dads who want to watch their children enjoy this bit of fantasy come to life.
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The year was 1999. I watched my then-boyfriend play this fantasy/strategy game on an old Windows computer and I thought to myself, “Hey, I like planning! I’ll give this a try!” That game was the edition of Warcraft II and I played it for hours on end. I liked the sound of the little guy who proudly announced, “Job done!” when he was done building a house or chopping down trees. I planned my villages and managed my time, always waiting for something to come in and distract me from my work. When it happened, I’d panic every time,

Ryan Hurst and Kyle Gallner Discuss Their Characters from WGN's Outsiders

"L'il Foster is very sensitive and incredibly loyal to his family." - Ryan Hurst
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I had the opportunity to listen in on a conference-call interview featuring Ryan Hurst and Kyle Gallner of WGN’s new hit series, Outsiders. Hurst plays, L’il Foster, son of the highest-ranking male clan member. Gallner plays Hasil, a cousin, curious about the civilization below the mountain. When asked how his character, L’il Foster, differed from others he played before, Hurst first pointed out that his character looked like the beloved fan-favorite Opie from Sons of Anarchy. He said that L’il Foster is very sensitive and incredibly loyal to his family. He also said he still has some growing up to

A Thoughtful Solo Adventure with the Outsiders

If you think this write-up is all over the place and confusing as hell, then you know how I felt about that 60 minutes of my life.
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In which Kim strays off the beaten path with Outsiders. Having spent the past 13 months desperately missing my dose of the hotness that was Sons of Anarchy, I was so excited to see that my Opie (Ryan Hurst) was in a new show with his fabulously long hair and beard that made me want to curl up with him in the first place. I sat down with my beer and shitty microwave popcorn to watch Outsiders on WGN. This show had two really compelling reasons for me to watch. The first was that, though totally unrelated, I simply loved

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