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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Complete Season 8 DVD Review

"The day Charlie rules the world, I'll blow myself." - Dennis Reynolds
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Goodbye, Fat Mac. Hello, more hilarity. I always enjoy what the Gang is up to and Season 8 was no surprise, other than how much I would be laughing out loud. Frank, Dee, Dennis, Mac, and Charlie delivered again with the 10-episode Season 8, packed with all the quirks and backstabbing the Gang has to offer. This two-disc set comes with some extras that include bloopers/gag reel and commentary from the cast. I caught the first three episodes when they aired on TV, but uncensored is so much better, so when asked to review this season I was all about

Broken City Combo Pack Review: Power Plays Everyone, Even the Corrupt

Corruption in NYC goes deeper than you think.
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A movie about a corrupt mayor and a not-so-good cop. Wow, that’s a first, and yes, I’m being a smart ass about it. The story has been told a million times in a million cities, but what makes this project different is that director Allen Hughes at least tried to keep the audience guessing as the plot thickened with every new scene. My problem with movies like this is I’m always trying to figure out what each scene means, what does it have to do with the overall plot, and how is this going to reconcile the ending—as in, how

Cheech & Chong Animated Movie: About Damn Time

Hey man, it's me, Fumo. I got some new stuff.
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If you are too young to remember or lived your life under a rock for most of the '70s and '80s, now is your chance to understand what the rest of us have been laughing about for years. Cheech and Chong are back, but this isn’t their normal stage show; it’s a cartoon. I wish this had been around back when I was a young loadie puffing on my first pipe (a wood one I made myself in shop class) because the visuals highlight the comedy, giving the viewer the full force hilarity of Cheech Marin and Thomas Chong. Besides

Panic in the Streets Blu-ray Review: Keeping Order by Breaking the Law

I was more enthralled with the previews for other films than the one I watched.
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It has been 63 years since Panic in the Streets first opened and it wasn’t a box-office hit. Yet one can learn even from bad film, and though this isn’t a typical “bad film”, for it has its moments, it opens up a viewer’s eyes to aspects of life occurring in the '50s, some of which can be revived for today’s world. Elia Kazan was one of the world’s finest directors but even he couldn’t help a script which read more like a drunken David Mamet play that couldn’t find its soul, so brining it out on Blu-ray leaves me

WonderCon 2013: WonderWow

I gained a new admiration and respect for everyone who likes to shut out reality for a bit and delve into the finer arts of fantasy.
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If it can be imagined, it can come to life, and what better place to hold an expo where fantasy and fiction come alive, but in the city of Walt Disney’s dreams: Anaheim, California. Across the street from the Magic Kingdom, in the convention center on Harbor Blvd., was my first comic book/sci-fi convention, and though I was told this is a small operation compared to Comic-Con down in San Diego, it eased me into a world where Super Mario’s walk the rows of collections with Captain America’s and Imperial Stromtroopers. I am happy I charged my iPhone to full

Easy Money (2010) DVD Review: A Familiar Story Told in an Unfamiliar Way

Respect, respect...ain't nothing easy about this money.
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Foreign-film fans this one's for you, with sexy beautiful good guys, dark dirty and seedy bad guys, lavish parties, sad heart-wrenching stories, disco-tech beats, and the annoying sounds of Euro sirens--oh yeah, and plenty of cigarette smoking as well. A fascinating crime thriller set in the Sweden, with more languages being thrown around then drunks at O'Hare's Pub during International Street Fair Day in the city of Orange. It gives a glimpse into many lives, from those who live high on the hog down to those just scraping by in the sewers. Based on the book Snabba Cash by Jens

Butter (2012) DVD Review: Destiny Carves a Smooth Path

A satire of the American Heartland that also offers an emotional story about acceptance.
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When Butter first came out, it got slammed by most critics, so let me state once again, I’m not most critics, but I could see inside the director's eye finding the different paths he and the characters chose. What we have here is a below-the-belt jab at the iconic ideals of the American Heartland, while plucking the emotional strings of a simple story. It is flooded with a sharp dry wit that glosses over the pale, stark reality of human nature. Director Jim Field Smith rises to the occasion with an all-star team. A young girl named Destiny (Yara Shahidi)

Dawn of the Dead (2012) Movie Review: Tunes, Tabs, and Tie-dye

The Grateful Dead and the rise of the San Francisco Underground.
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Dawn of the Dead is a documentary trying to explain the phenomenal impact of the Grateful Dead and how they influenced not only those in the general vicinity but reached out across a country and the world. The movie captures the journey of the Dead and the entire culture that sprang up in San Francisco in the early 60’s. Each band member brought their own unique sound to the band. Jerry Garcia was a great folk music player, and Phil Lesh was classily trained, while PigPen, whose dad was a radio DJ, was heavily influenced by the blues (along with

Inventing Our Life: The Kibbutz Experiment Movie Review: Is the Kibbutz Kaputz?

A look at whether this grand experiment worked or not.
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As the invention of kibbutz breaches the 100-year mark, we find here a testament in film which coaleces the ideals and practices of a movement formed not only to unite a people, but find a world based in the communal way of life. Director Toby Perl Freilich reveals not only the history and philosophy behind kibbutz, but whether or not this experiment worked. All aspects are unearthed as the lens captures the true emotions of those who have chosen this life style. Freilich weaves these images in a simple way using narration to build a frame or history of why

Family Guy Volume Ten DVD Review: Seth MacFarlane and Company Deliver Holiday Classics

Could have used more extras, but this set is something to have.
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I am not here to debate the differences between The Simpsons and Family Guy; save it for your late-night blog ranting with those five other fools from your losing fantasy football team. I'm here to review Family Guy: Volume 10 created by one of my favorite smartasses of all time, Seth MacFarlane. I have to say it took me a few years to warm up to this adult version of The Simpsons (going to get a lot of static for that I bet) but once I did, I realized the genius of madman MacFarlane. Fourteen episodes on three disc; that’s

Narrow Escapes of World War II DVD Review: A Great Series

“The only new things in the world is the history you don’t know” - Harry S. Truman
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What would you do? Surrounded by your enemy; back against the wall with no way out; low on ammunition, food, and water; and no sign of help in sight, could you hold out? Would you surrender or take as many of them down with you as you go? Narrow Escapes of World War II presents 13 incredible stories of luck, heroism, and sheer determination straight from the original uncut UK broadcast edition, which aired on The Military Channel in the U.S. The big picture of war is made up of hundreds of thousands of small stories; some of them have

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