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How To Train Your Dragon Movie Review: Pixar Still Rules The Roost, But Dreamworks Is Getting The Hint

Dreamworks is getting the hang of it and How To Train Your Dragon is a good first step.
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Despite its slightly pornographic title, with How To Train Your Dragon Dreamworks has begun to inch the tiniest bit closer to the ridiculously high watermark Pixar has set for modern-day computer animated movies. In a nutshell, it's a movie about not judging a book by its cover - a good lesson for everyone. Sure, you know how it ends and the pitfalls and peril in the movie are nothing that holds any surprises. But that's alright as long as the trip to realization is worth it. All in all, this movie makes it worth it.That's not to say it's perfect

Iron Man 2 Movie Review: Not Great, Not Awful, Pure Meh

My marbling about another comic-book flick.
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I went into the first Iron Man with a fair share of non-enthusiasm, as I'm not a comic book guy, nor some Robert Downey, Jr. fan. Never hated the guy, I just didn't think he could carry a superhero role. Well, by the end I was convinced of Downey's abilities to pull off a hero role and was pleasantly surprised that not all comic book movies are terrible pieces of tripe (now video game movies, I defy you to find a good one in the bunch, but I digress).So as Iron Man 2 approached I was pretty stoked to see

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