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Rolling Stones DVD Documentary Focuses on First Years with Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood comes to the Stones' emotional rescue.
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Generally speaking, the music the Rolling Stones recorded and released in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s is not considered by critics as among their strongest or most innovative. Of course there are exceptions—in my mind, at least, those would include 1978’s Some Girls, 1981’s Tattoo You, and a smattering of individual tracks from other albums (like “Memory Motel” and “Fool to Cry”)—but not a lot. Nevertheless this particular era is pivotal in the history of the band, during which Ronnie Wood would assume the unenviable task of replacing the prodigious Mick Taylor on lead guitar. The Rolling Stones: Under

Down in The Flood DVD Review: Bob Dylan and The Band Examined in New DVD Documentary

Don't think twice, this film is more than alright.
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Bob Dylan had just rewritten his own rules and those of nearly every other popular musician as well by abandoning the confines of acoustic folk in favor of amped-up rock and roll. Having pissed off the folk-movement purists with his infamous “electric” set at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival and defying every fathomable songwriting convention with Bringing It All Back Home and, then, Highway 61 Revisited (which boasted the epic single, “Like A Rolling Stone”), Dylan sought a stable of road-tested, resilient musicians with whom to make his latest stand. Down in The Flood - Associations and Collaborations chronicles the

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