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I'd Like to Save the City, but I'm Awfully Sad Right Now

Joyless, uninspired, and grossly misappropriated, these sad-ass non-superheroic superhero interpretations need to stop.
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Are you on the edge of your seat in anticipation for The Bourne Depression? Did you get your movie groove going hard with the series announcement for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Questions His Existence? Do you commonly think to yourself, “This fight scene is great, and I love that the bad guy is about to get theirs, but what I’m really in the mood for with my action films these days is someone having a thoroughly solid pity party in a dank basement and/or apartment right now. Like, at least half of the entire story. Yeah, that’d be the stuff

Enter the Ninja Blu-ray Review: It Is Awesome

For fans of '80's action / exploitation / genre films, this disc is a must-have.
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If, in 1981, you had the chance to invest in throwing stars or something else, and you chose something else, Enter The Ninja is most likely the reason you lost everything and curse your life to this very day. The absolute obsession with ninjas that this film instilled in teenage boys lasted for years. Some would call it a craze while others just shook their heads and went on with their maskless and nunchuck-free lives; never to know the joys of spelling the word "assassin" without looking it up. Would moms worry? Maybe. But at least you weren't playing Dungeons

TR!CK2TER: Bringing Options to San Diego During Comic-Con

An interview with Anita Coulter about TR!CKSTER and the art of setting up shop.
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With Comic-Con only days away from its takeover of the wonderfully accommodating city of San Diego, fans of all makes and models are talking, tweeting, and posting their excitement for the event. With the con having grown to proportions over the past several years that no one could have predicted, this now-cyclical round of excitement is also followed by the now-cyclical observations wondering what place (if any) the comics of the convention's namesake hold at the spectacle. There's no question that attendance is in overdrive more and more, every year. People stood in line last year during the wee hours