Sleepy Hollow: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray Review: A Spine-chilling Drama with Comic Relief

If you are looking for a quirky show that offers chills, laughs, and revolutionary lore, watch this show!
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When I first heard about the premise behind Sleepy Hollow. I had no interest in watching it as it sounded ridiculous. A couple of friends who have similar tastes to mine when it comes to television told me that I would love it. They were right. and I am now a huge fan that is thrilled it has been renewed for a third season.

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), while on a mission in the colonial army for General Washington, encounters a headless horseman. During their battle, they kill each other simultaneously. Crane's wife, Katrina (Katia Winter), a powerful witch, casts a spell that saves him from permanent death. Approximately 250 years later, Crane is awakened in the small town of Sleepy Hollow when the headless horseman is summoned to life by Moloch, a demon trying to bring about the apocalypse.

Season one followed Crane as he hunted the headless horseman. Through the course of his investigation he meets and eventually partners with police lieutenant Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie). The beginning of the second season starts in turmoil as Katrina has been kidnapped by the headless horseman, Abbie is stuck in purgatory and Crane has been buried alive.  Crane and Abbie continue in their quest to fight evil and stop Moloch from coming into the real world.

With each episode we learn more about the characters and their history. One of my favorite episodes, "The Weeping Lady," starts with the investigation of the spirit of a woman who drowned and evolves into the story of the romance between Crane and Katrina. It is the perfect example of why this show works. It blends together mystery, legend, horror, and romance.

There are several special features included in the Blu-ray release that serious fans will appreciate. "A Salute to Sleepyheads" is a tribute to the fans and covers the events that took place during the two years that the show appeared at San Diego Comic Con. I was shocked to see myself on screen sharing my love of the show after the 2014 panel.

"Mysteries & Mythology: The Secrets of Season Two" dives into the course of events that occurred and how each character was impacted. "Monsters & Mayhem: The Creatures of Season Two" focuses on the make-up, development, and actors behind the horrifying creatures. It is really impressive to see how much work goes into this part of the show. "Hollow History" highlights some of the historical truths utilized as the basis for some of the storylines. There is an audio commentary by showrunner Mark Goffman and Baharie for the episode "Mama" and for episodes "Tempus Fugit" and "The Akeda" by Goffman and Mison. Lastly, there are deleted scenes and a gag reel.

Seasons one and two featured a solid storyline that weaved throughout every episode. This was not a series you could just pick up any episode and start watching. There are so many elements that make it fun to watch. The growing relationship between Crane and Mills being front and center.

This is a spine-chilling drama that beautifully adds in comic relief as Crane tries to adapt to the modern world. Mison is incredibly charming as Crane. I don't think the show would be nearly as good without his ability to draw in the viewer. He makes his character so believable along with the events happening to him. It doesn't hurt that he is exceptionally good looking.

I would be neglectful in not mentioning John Noble who is one of the reasons I was willing to give the show a chance. He steals every scene and my only complaint is that he is not in it enough. It is also interesting learning about American history in a very different way, which weaved into the storylines beautifully. The casting of the guest appearances was also well done. Two of the most noteworthy being Timothy Busfield as Benjamin Franklin and Steven Weber as Thomas Jefferson.

Yes, at times the show is totally unbelievable but it doesn't diminish its integrity. Having been on the brink of cancellation, the season two finale wrapped things up. I am curious to see the direction of season three and if they are able to maintain the level of connection to the characters while staying true to its unique nature. Hopefully whatever they do gains viewers so there is a season four. If you are looking for a quirky show that offers chills, laughs, and revolutionary lore, watch this show!

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