Going In Style (2017) Blu-ray Review: Entertainment to Pass the Time

The main cast members are appealing even though their talents aren't being fully utilized.
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Going In Style (2017), a reboot of the 1979 film, takes the struggles of old age and combines them with the financial struggles of the modern age and turns them into a lighthearted comedy.  It's entertainment to pass the time, best suited when trying to pick a movie with a large group that has varied cinema interests, like at a family get-together where jokes about pot and one F-bomb are acceptable, and at least most involved can be made interested by the main cast members, who are appealing even though their talents aren't being fully utilized. 

Joe (Michael Caine) is at the bank dealing with the potential foreclosure on his home when gunmen break in and rob the place of $1.6 million.  Later, he and his friends/fellow retirees, Willie (Morgan Freeman) and Al (Alan Arkin), learn that they are losing their pensions after a merger sends their former factory to Vietnam.  Joe decides the three of them robbing a bank would be the answer to their problems.  How the story plays out isn't much of a surprise, unless one is anticipating a direct remake. 

The video has been given a 1080p/MPEG-4 AVC encoded transfer at an aspect ratio of 2.39:1 that is quite pleasing.  Colors appear in strong hues.  Blacks are inky and contribute to a quality contrast.  Detail can be seen in the sharp focus and fine textures.  The audio is available in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1.  The dialogue is consistently clear.  The score and songs have moments when they are too loud in the mix and have to much bass, causing distortion.  The surrounds don't offer much.  The extras include director Zack Braff performing the commentary on his first studio film, and 11 Deleted Scenes (HD, 13 min), three of which expand Ann-Margret's character.

In an interview with CreativeScreenwriting.com, Ted Melfi talked about his script having a different ending than the original, but by doing so, he wrote a less interesting film.  Luckily, the charm of the main trio of actors are enough to keep the film amusing even though the characters and the plot are forgettable.  There are attempts to flesh out the characters, such as Willie not telling anyone of his dire need for a kidney, and Al having a relationship with Annie (Ann-Margret in yet another sex-kitten role), but neither do much in the long run to make them memorable. The comedy induces smiles more than laughs, but there is one funny sequence due to the silliness that occurs during a robbery run-through at a grocery store. If a viewer is content with that, then Going In Style is the movie for them.  The Blu-ray has good video and satisfactory audio.


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