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LEGO Jurassic World PS4 Game Review: Captures the Fun of Both Franchise

Nothing prepares one for the first time you see Jeff Goldblum as a LEGO mini-fig.
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LEGO continues its video-game franchise with the new LEGO Jurassic World from Warner Brothers Games and TT Games. If gamers are a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise as well as the LEGO franchise, they will be a fan of this game. Even if gamers are not familiar with either franchise, it is a fun game. LEGO Jurassic World draws on moments from all four films in the Jurassic Park franchise and uses LEGO-fied cut-aways that make the player feel like they are watching the LEGO versions of the films. And nothing prepares one for the first time you see

Poker Night 2 Review: This Game's Got Character

Ever want to play poker with Brock Samson and Ash Williams? Now you can.
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There have certainly been no shortage of poker video games produced over the years, so what makes Telltale Games' new release, Poker Night 2, stand apart from the rest? It aims to recreate what happens at a poker game other than poker: specifically the taunting, drinking, chatter and good-natured ribbing that often occurs between the all the shuffling and the betting. And Poker Night 2 stays very true to that premise, as long as your card-playing buddies are an eclectic amalgam of pop-culture characters plucked from TV, movies, video games, and comics. Poker Night 2 is Telltale's second trip to

The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series Review: These Zombies Go After Your Brain While Tugging On Your Heartstrings

You will often find yourself regretting some of the decisions you've made, and the game seems designed to make you do just that.
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You way be under the impression that Telltale's The Walking Dead is a video game about zombies. And while, yes, it does take place during a zombie apocolypse and does feature a whole host of gnarly, shambling, scary, brain-hungry corpses, what this game really is about is one thing: decisions. Think of this like one of those old "Choose Your Own Adventure" novels where it's up to you to make the big decisions that impact what happen next. If you're a fan of interactive stories, and have a high tolerance for grisly violence, scares. and dark subject matter, then this

Thundercats Nintendo DS Video Game Review: Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats NOOOOOO!

Generic and difficult side-scrolling hack-and-slash adventure is an unfortunate throwback to 16-bit gaming days.
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One of the most pleasant surprises of the current golden age of animated shows is Cartoon Network’s Thundercats reboot. Regrettably, that pleasure doesn’t carry over to this video game tie-in from Bandai. The first inkling of trouble might be the fact that it’s only available on Nintendo DS. Not Vita or 3DS, just the now basically retired DS. That throwback ethos carries over to the actual gameplay, which has more in common with Sega Genesis era actioners than even the most basic of modern side-scrolling games readily available on every mobile phone platform and many websites. For example, The Legend

The Walking Dead Video Game Review: A Scary Good Time

Well-written video game jettisons familiar characters in favor of a new cast and new situations set in the same vicinity of the original property
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Creator Robert Kirkman’s zombie apocalypse tale isn’t just chewing up comic book racks and TV ratings, it’s also terrorizing video game platforms including Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. After being released episodically via digital download every couple of months starting this spring, the game's five chapters are now being compiled into a physical “full season” disc release. The individual chapters continue to be available for immediate download as well, and at a cost of only $5 per episode there’s not much incentive to wait for the $30 standard compilation unless you have to own a shiny disc or you want

Game Review: Scene It? - Harry Potter 2nd Edition

Discontinued fun for the whole family.
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Screenlife's Scene It? is the first classic game of the 21st century. It combines aspects of Trivial Pursuit with the capabilities of a DVD technology to show video clips and feature an array of puzzles. Their first release in 2002 dealt with movies and sold more in its first year than the combined first-year totals than Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, and Cranium. Expansion games were created dealing with other pop-culture subjects both generally (Music, Sports, and TV, the latter of which won the Toy Industry Association's 2005 Game of the Year) and specifically (Disney, James Bond, and Marvel Comics). Quite possibly

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