Being Canadian DVD Review: Is Canada the Best Country in the World?

I hope anyone that watches it will gain a little more of an appreciation for this beautiful amazing country.
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People often tell me when my Canadian side is showing. This is a huge compliment as everyone seems to think of Canadians as the nicest people. Being Canadian delightfully tries to educate the world on the misconceptions about Canada, such as why Canadians are always saying sorry, while highlighting all of the things that do make the country great.

Calgary native Rob Cohen decided it was time to answer some questions about his beloved homeland after moving to Hollywood to be a writer and seeing how uninformed people were on Canada. He starts his adventure in Nova Scotia and traveled cross country to learn everything he could before Canada Day (July 1, their Independence Day) and to prove there is more to this nation than being polite, maple syrup, and hockey.

Being Canadian is hilarious, sweet, and incredibly charming as it covers topics such as the Canadian Football League, curling, poutine, the always looming Quebec cessation, and the love-hate relationship with the United States. Cohen's successful career working on TV series shows, such as The Simpsons and The Big Bang Theory, provided him access to famous Canadian citizens that included William Shatner, Martin Short, Seth Rogen, Catherine O'Hara, Nathan Fillion, the band Rush, Mike Meyers, and many, many more. Watching all of these people talk about Canada is not only funny but very touching. 

Cohen lovingly pokes fun at all of the stereotypes about Canada and seeks to prove that Canada is the best country in the world. He didn't need to convince me. Having grown up traveling through Canada and spending all of my summers there visiting family, this might be more poignant for me than any other viewer. 

Available for viewing during Canadian Thanksgiving, I hope anyone that watches Being Canadian will gain a little more of an appreciation for this beautiful amazing country and want to go visit to see all it has to offer.

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