Adventure Time: Princess Day and Regular Show: Rigby Pack DVD Reviews

For those who enjoy these small releases or want to sample the series, I recommend them...and so does my mom.
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In addition to Complete Season sets, Warner Brothers continues to release themed DVD collections from both Cartoon Network's hit series Adventure Time and Regular Show. The episodes for each series runs about 11 minutes and the DVDs run about three hours.

On sale now, Adventure Time: Princess Day is the series' seventh themed DVD and features episodes about many of the princesses from the Land of Ooo, such as Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess, Ghost Princess, and of course, Lumpy Space Princess. Over half the disc's episodes are from Season 5 (nine) while the remaining come from Season 2 (two), Season 3 (one), Season 4 (three), and Season 6 (one). The bonus feature "Little Did You Know" is text based and provides information, such as age, species, and occupation, about six princesses. 

I am a fan of this fantasy series and enjoyed the stories on this disc. "Princess Potluck" is very funny as Ice King tries to disrupt a party because he wasn't invited. Although season-four opener "Hot to the Touch" is the second part of a story started in season-three finale "Incendium," it is understandable watched on its own. "Bad Little Boy" is a return to Ice King's Fionna and Cake stories. The art makes great use of bright colors in most of its character designs and backgrounds.  Guest stars in this collection include Maria Bamford, Rainn Wilson, John Hodgman, Henry Rollins, and Laura Silverman. 

Set to be released on September 9, Regular Show: Rigby Pack is the series' fifth themed DVD and focuses on episodes starring co-lead character, Rigby the racoon. The disc offers 16 episodes from every season so far: Season 1 (three) Season 2 (one), Season 3 (two), Season 4 (four), and Season 5 (six).

I am a huge Regular Show fan because the stories are so laughably bonkers. The standouts are: the amazing skills shown by Rigby and his rival in "Bank Shot," "Rigby in the Sky with Burrito" where he tries to accomplish one of his yearbook claims before his high school reunion, and "Wall Buddy" takes living with a messy roommate to its extreme. The gang learns about "The Heart of a Stuntman" and shark cannons as well as what eating poorly can do in "Rigby's Body.' Character designs are wonderfully offbeat.  Guest stars include Julian Dean as his little brother Don, Carl Weathers as the Basketball King, James Hong, Steven Weber, and Bobcat Goldthwait.   

I enjoy Adventure Time and Regular Show so much that I prefer the entire season sets as oppossed to these random collections, but for those who enjoy these small releases or want to sample the series, I recommend them.  

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