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Los Angeles Podcast Festival 2016 - Saturday

What I saw and heard in the ballrooms of the Sofitel Los Angeles.
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Aside from appearing as a guest on a number of podcasts, I have no interaction with them, which made me either the ideal candidiate or the worst to attend the fifth annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival held at the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, the festival's website only offered images of the podcasts in attendance, so for a novice like myself, I had to search the Internet to learn about the podcasts. I started with Cashing In With T.J. Miller, since I knew and enjoyed much of what I have seen by the actor/comedian. Hosted by Cash Levy,

LA Podcast Festival 2016 Set for Sep. 23-25 in Beverly Hills, CA

Showcasing the best in podcasting - Comedy/True Crime/Storytelling/Sports/Pop Culture - at the 5th annual festival held at Sofitel Los Angeles.
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Press release: Los Angeles Podcast Festival 2016 (aka LA Podfest 2016), featuring live recording sessions of dozens of popular podcasts, panel discussions, parties, a podcast lab, and stand-up comedy, will take over Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills from Friday, September 23 to Sunday, September 25, 2016. This year’s festival, organized by founders Dave Anthony, Graham Elwood, and Chris Mancini, will unite roughly 2,100 attendees, including popular podcasters, their celebrity guests, fans from across the globe, and the podcasting industry, in celebration of the thriving medium. While the podcasters recording their shows live at the festival are traveling from as

The Indispensable Thursday Show Discusses the Oscars

Movies! The Oscars are coming this Sunday so what the hell else are we supposed to talk about?
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Need help filling out your Oscar ballot? Not sure you came to the right place, but Gordon S. Miller from sits in with The Indispensable Thursday Show's hosts Sable and Dave to chat about the nominated movies, make some picks, and we do some trivia. The question arises: is the feature-film narrative giving way to long-form TV shows? Find out what we think about that! The podcast episode can be found here.

The Indispensable Thursday Show Discusses The Changeling (1980)

Gordon S. Miller joins the hosts for "Hot Pastrami and Scary Movies."
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On The Indispensable Thursday Show's Halloween episode, ""Hot Pastrami and Scary Movies," hosts Sable and Dave share the mic with special guest Gordon S. Miller, publisher of Cinema Sentries. The conversation covers pastrami sandwiches from The Hat; growing up in Orange County, CA; the new Apple TV; and oh, yeah, their scary movie pick for this Halloween - The Changeling, a ghost story starring George C. Scott, which you can and should immediately stream for free on YouTube below. Sable also reveals the origin of his fear of scary movies. It's horrible. The podcast episode can be found here. The

Cinema Sentries Meet the Pretentious Movie Snobs

Listen as they go Into Darkness, into the past, and into dead air.
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The world of entertainment is filled with great franchise crossovers. The comics had Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man, the movies had Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstien, and now film criticism has brought together Cinema Sentries and the Pretentious Movie Snobs, available as a podcast for your listening pleasure. Sentry Gordon S. Miller was a guest on the PMS podcast and chatted with Snobs Kent Conrad and David Smith about the lastest Star Trek movie. Grab your favorite beverage and join them as they go Into Darkness, into the past, and into dead air. The podcast is available on the PMS

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