Five Cool Things and San Diego Comic-Con 2017

There were cool things all over San Diego this weekend.
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Mat, the normal curator for this coulmn, and his family have gone on vacation, but with San Diego Comic-Con having happened over the weekend, there were too many cool things not to draw attention to some of them.  For example:

Brigsby Bear

While upcoming superhero movies dominated the Con, the one that looked the most interesting was this strange film from Kyle Mooney and friends about a young man obsessed with a television show that features the titular character.  Attendees were treated to the first twelve minutes or so just as Kyle's character's life is about to be forever altered by the strange world outside his family's home.

Brigsby Bear poster.jpeg

Funniest Costume: Mjolnir

sdcc17 mjolnir.jpg

This clever costume of Thor's hammer succeeds because of its simplicity and the ease with which it transitions for the wearer into a dress for most occasions.

Cool Old Comics

sdcc17 Nightshade.jpg

Craig Yoe, editor of IDW and Yoe Books, presented a wacky panel entitled "Jaws Will Drop, Sides Will Ache . . . Super Weird Heroes!"  And that's where I was introduced to Nightshade, a hero from the Golden Age of comics, who used his shadow to stop evil-doers.  

Coolest Kid's Costume: Supergirl

sdcc17 supergirl cosplay.jpg

Now, I am not sure how much this young lady is into Supergirl, but certainly whoever dressed her up and transformed her stroller certainly is.

Close Enough trailer

During the TBS animation panel, J.G. Quintel, creator of Regular Show, revealed this trailer for his new show Close Enough, which deals with the outlandish trevails of a family made up of young parents and their daughter.   As a fan of look and sensibilities of Quintel's previous show, I am all in.

Bonus Cool item: Sentry Todd Karella also attended San Diego Comic-Con and this Hawkman was the coolest costume he saw:

sdcc17 Hawkman.JPG

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