The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #3 [Movie Recon]

For the same people who don't yet know who they are voting for President.
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If you felt a power surge a few hours ago, it was caused by all the energy being diverted towards the viewing of the third trailer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, which debuted on the Internet and is available below.

I am fascinated by the reasoning for yet another trailer because I am not sure who the advertising folks intend this for. There can't be anyone undecided at this point about whether they will see or not, can there? We've been inundated with official and unofficial images at least since the production started shooting, if not even earlier, so there's no possibility it's not at the forefront of people's minds as the release date approaches. Take a look and let us know if what effect it has on you, dear reader?


Though we don't know the timeline of the events shown, things don't look good for Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), whose death is mentioned throughout the trailer. John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) asks Selina Kyle/Catwoman, "Did they kill him?" Bruce poses a similar question to Bane (Thomas Hardy): "Why don't you just kill me?" Alfred (Michael Caine) declares he won't bury anymore members of the Wayne family. And when Catwoman tells Batman he's given the people of Gotham everything, he corrects her. "Not everything.  Not yet." Though you can never say never in Hollywood as people like Sean Connery (Never Say Never Again) and Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Part III) can attest, The Dark Knight Rises feels like it will be the final chapter in Nolan's Batman saga.

Anne Hathaway looks confident as Catwoman.  Hope she proves the naysayers wrong who were running their mouths when the casting announcement was made, not knowing what the role required or what she brought to the audition. But then if people needed to have informed opinions before offering opinions, the Internet might never have taken off.

I do have a slight concern about Bane's voice. I didn't have a problem with it being difficult to understand when previous footage was released, but now it sounds so processed from post production, it's distractingly artificial. If the studio applied pressure because of all the whinerss, we know who to blame.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20.

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