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Whatcha watching on Valentine's Day?
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Today is Valentine's Day, named after Valentinus, a third-century Roman saint.  Many enjoy the communal celebration of romance that has been a centuries-long tradition on February 14, while others reject the trivializiation of romance that has occurred due to the over-commercialization as well as the diminished sincerity resulting from the holiday spurring the profession of romance. They simply refer to today as Friday.  

No matter which group a person identifies with, the streaming service Warner Archive Instant, available through a browser on a PC or a Mac or on TV via a Roku 2 or 3 connected device, offers titles to get you through this day.  Below is a list of titles currently available through WAI.  In the comment section, state which title is more fitting for which group? 

The Bride Walks Out stars Barbara Stanwyck as a young model who quits her job to marry engineer Gene Raymond, but is low-paying job can't keep up with her expensive tastes. Life grows more complicated when millionaire Robert Young walks in and has an eye for Stanwyck.

Based on the Broadway play, Tea and Sympathy tells the story of Tom (John Kerr), a young boy trying to fit in at a new prep school where he is not as "manly" as his classmates, and Laura (Deborah Kerr, no relation), the older woman who befriends him. There's is an unusual relationship made difficult to tell by the production code of the time.

An intriguing Joan Crawford double feature can be put together. In Untamed, Crawford, in her first Talkie plays oil-heiress Bingo. She is in love with poor Andy (Robert Montgomery), whose ego won't allow him to be with the girl until he can afford it, which suits Bingo’s Uncle Ben (Ernest Torrence) just fine.  In Possessed, Crawford plays Louise, who is found wandering the streets and talking like a crazy person.  She reveals to a psychitrist things that may have driver her insane, like a broken heart.

From Hell it Came, a reference to many an ex, mixes magic and science as the creature Tabonga (part man, part tree) terroizes a South Seas island.  

Though he doesn't come to mind as a maker of romantic films, or even films about women, Martin Scorsese's Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore stars Ellen Burstyn in an Academy Award-winning performance as Alice tries to her best to make a life for her and her son Tommy.

Head on over to Warner Archive Instant to check out these and other titles.  And if you don't have an account, you can start a free two-week trial.     

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